Make your own magic

Life is filled with magic, if only you care to look around you. Magic doesn’t always have to be about mythical creatures, about fairies and wizards. Sometimes magic is in the simple things, those things we sometimes take for granted.

Magical moments to me are…

… waking while it’s still dark outside, and hearing the birds who have already sensed the nearing rise of the sun. They sing their song, calling out to each other and announcing the dawn to humans, telling them the brand new light of the day will soon chase away the shadows of the night. Hearing the birds put a smile on my face.

… calling him silly names, only so he can correct me every time.

… walking on the beach and feeling the sand between my toes, the cold water of the ocean lapping around my ankles. I love to look out over the ocean, sensing its greatness, which makes me feel small and insignificant, yet thankful for seeing something so beautiful.

… spending time with true friends, talking and laughing, sharing our lives, thankful to be accepted for who I am.

… thinking of something, and then hearing him say it out loud. Or, saying something out loud and hearing him say: “I just thought of that.” It’s magical to be so tuned in to each other.

… being in a forest in the fall, taking in the multitude of colors of the trees — green and brown and yellow and orange — and seeing the shadows growing longer in the late afternoon, knowing winter will soon be upon us.

… sharing a silly joke only the two of us get, and laughing until my tummy aches.

… sitting on the couch between my two grandsons, and looking at my family surrounding me — my husband, my kids and their partners. When I see them like that, my heart fills with love and gratitude. I am blessed beyond words.

… a special kiss and hug in the morning, greeting the one you love after you have spent the night together. Those kisses are special, even after doing it year in and year out. They reconnect you, strengthen the love between you.

… being in bed, listening to a storm raging outside. The wind. The rain. The thunder. The force of nature makes me feel small, yet strong and powerful.

… looking at him in bed next to me, his face serene and peaceful, and feeling the love for him surging through my body, warming my heart.

We create our own magic every day. Sometimes you just have to stop, take a moment to look around you and sense the fairies and wizards spreading their sparkle dust to change an every-day moment into the magic of life.

Seize the day. Life is beautiful.

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20 thoughts on “Make your own magic

  1. This is gorgeous. It is so important to notice the small things and you are right, there is so ,I have magic in them ?

    1. Sometimes the small things are more important than the more obvious ones… we just need to be reminded of that sometimes to find the magic.

  2. Marie, magic is all around us. That was a prompt for Wicked Wednesday and I missed sitting down to write but you nailed many of my thoughts on every day magic.
    An in tune lovers conversation, those Déjà Vu moments when you remember a dream from years before you met and see it as a milestone marker that this was one of the paths you were meant to take. But there is nothing like the magic of the inter connectedness with a good partner who communicates needs, wants, desires, and dreams. Who is willing to share their dark so you can both walk in the light.

  3. I so agree about creating our own magic – and I adore all of your little magic ways you have written about – beautiful post
    May x

  4. Wonderful post Marie … especially loved your “thinking of something, and then hearing him say it out loud. Or, saying something out loud and hearing him say: “I just thought of that.” It’s magical to be so tuned in to each other.”

    May you have many more “Making Your Own Magic” years to come !!!

    Xxx – K

    1. It actually happens several times a week. Just last night, a silly remark. I thought it, and before I could say it, he did. It always makes us laugh, and sometimes spontaneously hug or kiss, depending on the remark. Magical moments, and I sure hope to make a lot more of them in the years to come 🙂 xox

  5. What a nice sentiment! I can feel why the things you describe are magical to you. I think you’re quite right in that we just need to look around and find out magic there

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