Fashion is not my style

An image of ABBA dressed in overalls, two in light blue, the other two in purple.
ABBA in the 80’s

I have never been someone who follows fashion, not when I was younger, and certainly not now. Over the years, I have developed my own style, and in a crowd I will definitely not stand out. Up to about a year ago, I only wore dresses — at work I am frequently the only one in a dress — but nowadays also have days on which I wear pants pared with a nice blouse.

This said, and seeing the prompt Jae has set us, obviously I started thinking of the musicians I have admired along the way — remember, I was never a fan girl — and I came to the conclusion that I might have been subconsciously influenced by some musicians over the years.


I was in my teens in the late 70’s, early 80’s and ABBA was definitely the group I listened to the most. Now music videos were definitely not a thing back then, and I can’t even remember if we ever watched musical concerts on television, but ABBA was featured in magazines and I had quite a number of their albums on cassette tape.

Looking through images on Google, and thinking of some of my favorite clothes back then, I can see how the influence must definitely have been there.

I vividly remember that black catsuit I almost lived in. That thing fit me like a glove, and it made me feel so grown-up, especially when I paired it with a some cowboy boots. I always wore a thing belt around my waist, in a bright color. Now if you look at the image above, you might just say that I have been influenced by ABBA.

I even took it a bit further.

I was eighteen when I met my first husband, and he and I both liked to dance. We frequently went to dance evenings, and for that I also created my own style. Thinking of that now makes me cringe, but back then I was so in. I tie-dyed a white overall (similar to those ABBA is wearing above) to purple, and pared it with fluorescent yellow leg warmers, and cut-off gloves, also fluorescent yellow. And oh, don’t forget the — yes, fluorescent yellow — belt around my middle!

Yes, I think you can say I was definitely influenced in some way by ABBA.

Madonna and Boy George

Where ABBA might have ‘inspired’ me to wear some items of clothing, Madonna and Boy George didn’t, but I do believe they had some influence on the way I dress, even up to today.

The way I look at it, both Madonna (in the 80’s) and Boy George, each had their own style. Both of them ranged from some down-to-earth clothes to the more extreme outfits. Looking at images of them, I always got the feeling that they felt very comfortable with what they wear, no matter how down-to-earth or how extreme it was.

Where I don’t dress in extreme clothes the way they did, I know that some of my clothes are frowned upon, like when I combine one of my ‘everyday’ dresses with net stockings. I also remembered that back when I was 18 or 19 I had a pair of leggings with a white background and multiple symbols printed on it in blue and red and yellow and black. I loved those leggings, while everyone around me always remarked that I looked like a totem pole. That didn’t make me wear those leggings less, just like even when I know people frown upon it, I still wear my net stockings when I feel like it.

Fashion is not my style

I occasionally see outfits online, or walk in the shopping center and see a nice dress on someone, and wonder where I can find it. Mostly those dresses are in the style I like to wear, but they catch my eye because of their print or the neckline, or maybe the length.

My style is definitely my own, and not dictated by the fashion magazines or any musicians. I stay true to myself, and wear what feels comfortable to me.

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7 thoughts on “Fashion is not my style

  1. I relate to how fashion isn’t your/my style! Clothes catch my eye for a different reason and to be honest, keeping up with fashion would be exhausting and rather expensive.

  2. I was hoping you would mention your net stockings Marie as I’ve associated that article of clothing to you, since the first post I read included an image of your legs with the stockings. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oooh I never thought of net stockings, but don’t think I started wearing that because of music. Only because I think they’re damn sexy 😉

    1. If it wasn’t that I know I will look ridiculous in one now, I would’ve bought myself a couple 😉 xox

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