Spring Change

A lovely reminder of how
change can truly be.

So many changes happened in the past two months.

I look at my life before our weekend in Camden – the weekend it was announced our country would go into semi lock-down – and I compare it to what my life is like now, I see so much change. Change can be scary, and I normally don’t do well with change. This time, though, the change has done me good. Not immediately, as I started having panic attacks, but gradually I started to see the positive side of the change.

It has brought me peace. It has forced me to step out of the rat race. It has reminded me of the things that are important. Things I didn’t see anymore, or rather, thing I had forgotten about, because I was too consumed with joining the race around me. Not anymore. I am thankful for this change, as it saved me from myself, saved me from the abyss I have been heading for. It made me grow in a way I didn’t know I needed. Sometimes change indeed can be such a beautiful thing!

The light in this image reminds me of spring, of the light, of life. To me the rainbow is a symbol of hope, a symbol of blessing… and also a symbol of change.

I look back at the past two months, and am thankful for the changes that have been forced on me, as it made me return to the here and now, made me be more mindful of the life I live, the person I am, my core values.

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10 thoughts on “Spring Change

  1. This is such a positive sentiment Marie and it makes me smile and happy reading this.
    The picture is a beautiful close-up. I love the rainbow jewlery. Once I get nipple piercings… someday, I have some years! I want one like that too

    1. Nipple piercings are really great. And yes, I need to hold on to this positive sentiment. Currently I need to remind myself of it every day xox

  2. I think there will be a lot of people who can relate to this. There is such pressure to do well, and to do more, when in reality our minds were not designed to operate this way. I know it made huge difference to my mental health when I worked part time compared to full. I hope you can take this new calm forward when the world starts to resume normal activities.

    I love this image, the rainbow is something magical, a symbol of promise and dreams.

    Take care,


    1. I hope this calm stays with me indeed, and that I don’t forget once more what is important xox

  3. Yes, the things, and more importantly, the Ones, that is what matters. The others, they don’t matter. Nice Nipple Piercer, Marie.

    1. Sometimes we need to be pushed a bit to be reminded what is important in life. Thanks, Elliott.

  4. A lovely rainbow Marie … and I know what you mean about some of our enforced changes!
    I’m wishing (as I always do !!!) that we could all enjoy the best of all worlds !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. That would be wonderful – the best of both worlds. I just hope we can return to seeing positive thoughts instead of all the negativity I have seen lately.
      Take care, K xox

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