A sea of pinkness…

Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.

~ Lilly Pulitzer

I have never been a girly-girl wearing pink clothes, or even ever had pink as my favorite color. I do however like to add pink accessories to my go-to color, which is black. As I write this, I am wearing a predominantly black dress, with huge flowers printed on it, and those flowers have accents of pink in them. I like that!

Two years ago in May, my oldest and I went to the Keukenhof for the day, snapping one picture after the other of the lovely flowers – so many tulips! Sadly, this year, despite it being springtime and all the flowers in bloom and ready for visitors, the park never opened, because of the corona virus. It’s sad actually, as we had some glorious sunny days.

I love macro photography, which means at a flower park like that, you can frequently find my with my lens pushed almost inside the image. That’s what I did two years ago, with a gorgeous big pink tulip. That’s the one image you see here, and the other is of my nice pink nipple piercings. Of course I just had to combine the two!

Different kinds of pink combined into a sea of pinkness…
Fun Theme Photo Meme

8 thoughts on “A sea of pinkness…

  1. Marie how lush! I did a similar thing this month for my image.
    Macro photography is new to me so I’ll watch and learn, but this image is fabulous for the blend of colours and the stamens are so clearly defined – wow!

    1. Thank you, Posy. I do love macro photography. Have you seen the photo of the worm I shared on Friday?

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