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Some months ago I wrote a post about the cameras I own, how I learned more about working with a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, and a brief history of my experience with erotic photography.

Now obviously, I don’t only engage in erotic photography. In fact, I think I take more non-erotic photos than erotic ones.

I started when I was a teen

Like I wrote in the post linked above, it started at quite a young age, I believe somewhere in my teens. I can’t remember how old I was, but photography intrigued me. My parents had a Polaroid camera, which I was not allowed to use, and which they used for some more ‘daring’ images (I know because I accidentally found the stack of photos). They also had an analog camera and we always had photo books filled with photos of holidays we have been on — mostly to Namibia.

I think I have been into photography on and off now for about 40 years (gosh, I’m old!). I say on and off, as there were times when I didn’t have a camera, but also times when I did, and didn’t take many photos. Ever since my late twenties/early thirties I have always been the owner of one or two cameras.

Images I take and admire

When my children were born, they were mostly the subject of the images I took, but I also loved taking pictures of nature. Sadly, the photos never fully represented what I saw with my eyes, but it still made for nice memories. The images that did come out really well were photos of sunsets. Oh how I loved to take those! This was something I had inherited from my parents, as many of the images in our family albums were of beautiful sunsets back in Namibia, whether in the capital, where we lived for some years, or the seaside town where we went on holiday so man times.

The more I experimented with photography, and the more I learned about it, the more I discovered what I really like to snap pictures of. I love going to the zoo and taking picture of the animals, preferably lions and tigers, and also the big bears. But the meerkats and prairie dogs are always a source of inspiration too, as are the giraffes. Where monkeys often make me laugh with their fun and frolics, they almost never make it through my lens onto an image.

When photographing animals, I concentrate on details. I like to zoom in on an eye, or a nose, or some detail on the animal. It ties in with the love I have developed for macro photography. There’s something about being able to capture the fine detail that’s incredibly rewarding. Sometimes, when we are out taking pictures, I can concentrate on one flower or one insect for so long, that I don’t take images of anything else. Macro photography definitely is my go to, or an extreme close-up of an animal at some distance from me.

That said, this doesn’t mean I only take macro photos. No, I also like architecture, or desolate areas, such as old buildings or very old cemeteries. When I can’t take those images myself, I admire those taken by others, and it always gives me ideas for new images. Another kind of image I almost never take, but love to see, is black and white images of industrial areas. I am in the lucky position that my husband is into that kind of photography.

Preferred camera and lenses

Currently I am still the owner of a Sony Cybershot camera, as well as a Nikon D5600. If I would want to take photos with the first, I will have to go search for it, as I haven’t used it in years. I am mainly using the Nikon.

I have a couple of lenses:

  • 18-105mm
  • 18-300mm
  • 40mm macro
  • 20mm super macro
  • 12, 20 and 36mm macro rings

The two lenses I use the most are the 18-300mm and the 40mm macro. The 20mm super macro and the 12, 20 and 36mm macro rings are quite difficult to work with, as even the slightest movement mean the image will fail. Even working with a tripod, there can be movement when you press the shutter (which is why I use a remote) or the subject moves, such as a spider feeling threatened in its web and just as you think you want to take the picture, it moves out of the frame, or a breeze moves the flower or dandelion you wanted to capture on image. Ah, the life of a photographer…

A small collection

I looked back at our holiday we had last year in June, where Master T and I went out on several different photo trips, and also at my photo day with my daughter back in the autumn of 2019. Below is a very small collection of some of those images, just some of those that jumped out at me while browsing through. You will never hear my say my pictures are perfect, as even in these I have selected to share, I see what could have been done better. Still, I hope you enjoy!

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20 thoughts on “Photography and Me

  1. Aaaahh okay I know you warned me but I forgot and was just looking at the beauty of these images and then… ?
    It looked like a beautiful picture though, with the slight glance I had of it. I wish I could look at them because I would like to appreciate it more

    1. I’m glad I warned you and it didn’t freak you out too much 😉
      I have already spotted the spider webs, but the spiders are still too small. I will wait for them to grow a bit.

  2. I so enjoyed your reflections and photographs. Bright, clear, crisp. I also appreciate your article drawing out memories I’d forgotten about when I so enjoyed taking a variety of micro- and macro- photographs and then kept enjoying the moment looking through the photos. I’d forgotten how I used to feel drawn into another world as I focused on the micro, sometimes using a mini-tripod, special lenses, and remote trigger. Thank you. Just perfect for such times as now’s slowing down.

    1. You’re welcome. We went out with the cameras today, and this time I used my big lens, but I think tomorrow or this weekend we will go somewhere where I can use my macro lens. I love concentrating on the details and losing myself in that.

  3. I really wish I had eye for a photo. Sometimes I know the picture will be good, most of the time it’s terrible. I’ve tried to learn to take pictures by video or book but I don’t pick up new skills that way. I need a person next to me walking through the process. Maybe one day I’ll find a photo mentor nearby! Your pics are great Marie, and I imagine your Namibian collection is stunning. The light in Africa is amazing and pictures are so much easier to take. I have some old ones boxed away that were taken in Malawi which came out a treat.

    1. Oh I too needed someone to explain it to me, but then that someone couldn’t be Master T. He tried, but somehow the things never stuck, so I did a course, and that helped. Sadly I have none of the Namibia photos. They are all in my father’s albums, but yes, they were really beautiful 🙂

  4. I scrolled through your Gallery and they are amazing images Marie. I adore how close you get showing up tiny details – the last image is my favourite because it looks like something it is not. I say you show more of your valila images. Would to see them. I recently added a gallery of the Necropolis in Glasgow on my blog. Why not I say lol

    1. When I did this post, I actually thought that I should share more of my images here, since my blog nowadays tend to be more about all of my life than only about my sex life. And since photography is a huge part of that, it might be time to start sharing those images too. Thank you for your comment, May xox

  5. It’s nice that the two of you complement each other with your photography styles. Black and white industrial scenes are one of my favorites too…but sadly there is very little industry left where I live. I do like your macro shots….because I would be too impatient myself for those 😉

    1. Thanks, AMS. We also have to drive quite a distance to get to industry, but it’s really worth it. A couple of days ago we drove out there, and we decided to go back there at some time during the evening, when the lights are on. We want to try our hands at night photography 🙂

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