Just One Finger

Faint light streams in from under the blinds when she opens her eyes. She’s wide awake, despite the early hour, and she knows something has woken her. Birds sing their morning songs, but Rebel doesn’t hear it, because of the earplugs she always sleeps with. She turns her head to look at her husband. He’s facing her, his eyes closed, and apparently still in deep sleep, as she should be too.


The thought startles her, and she studies her husband’s face to see if he has heard it. Then smiles, because obviously he can’t hear her thoughts. Sliding her hand down to her naked crotch, Rebel kept her eyes fixed on him, waiting for him to move, to show her he’s awake too. He doesn’t and he’s not.

Slowly she pulls her feet up towards her buttocks, spreading her legs wide. Her cunt waits for her touch. The shock of her forefinger finding her clitoris, causes a sharp intake of breath.

Need. This. So. Much.

With her free hand Rebel pulls out one of the earplugs. She needs to hear her own breathing, and that of her husband. Needs to be as quiet as possible. Vaguely she registers the bird song outside, but all she craves now is release.

That one fingers dips in her wetness, and returns the the bundle of nerve endings, sending delicious shivers through her loins. Round and round she circles the little button, concentrates on keeping her breathing even, and allows the sensations to travel to her nipples, to make her crave insertion in both her holes.

Only one finger… only the finger…

Rebel challenges herself. Only one finger circling her clitoris — that is all she is allowed to do if she wants the release. She closes her eyes; opens them just as quickly as her husband moves. Her finger stills as he turns over onto his other side, facing away from her. A deep sigh and a slight snore tell her he’s still asleep. It gives her a little more freedom, but still she restricts herself.

One finger…

Her eyes are closed now; every fiber of her being centered around the sensations. Her clitoris hard and wanton; her finger wet and willing. Her nipples erect. Her pussy craving to be fucked. Her body begs for a quick release, but in the twilight of the morning she will not concede to that.

Round and round.

One finger. One button.



The pressure builds. The zenith beckons. She’s almost there.


Just a bit longer…

She wants the feelings to last. Doesn’t want to give in to the need. Wants to draw out the pleasure.

Rebel loses the battle when her clitoris switches under her finger and her orgasm floods through her. She holds her breath for a long time, afraid of waking her husband, and then finally breathes out as the orgasmic waves calm down.

A few hours later she wakes again, and this time her husband is awake too. She smiles, leans over to give him a kiss, before both of them get up to start their Sunday.

Note: This really happened some months ago, when I woke up early on a Sunday morning and had one of my most silent orgasms in years! Also, back when I started my blog, I always wrote about myself in the third person, until I didn’t anymore.

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16 thoughts on “Just One Finger

  1. Hahaha! I love what you did with the thoughts here and how the non italicised text replied to them. I really had to laugh at ‘horny!’
    I read your post about the loss of libido before this post and I’m like… are you sure? 😛

    I can relate to that feeling of not wanting to give in to the need to draw it out longer but then at the same time the desire is just there and it is so hard to resist!
    Reading this certainly made me smile

    1. Haha I knew that after my post about my libido being gone, it will be strange to have this post up there, which is why I put the note at the end 😉
      But seriously, I would love to have a session like this again, to draw it out really long and just enjoy the joys my body can bring me. Who knows, maybe soon!

  2. I loved reading this, it is so entertaining to read something in the third person but still feel so connected to what is going on. A sense of detachment but yet so personal is tantalising I loved reading it and it has really made me think about writing in the third person. Usually, I am never able to but I might try some more after reading this.

    1. It’s quite an interesting exercise to write in the third person when you write about yourself. Almost like you write fiction, but with a lot of inside information. You should try it 😉

  3. Well told Marie – and even better that it actually happened – interesting about how you wrote in the third person when u started your blog

    1. I did it because I didn’t want people to know it was about me, but then ditched it at some time, not caring anymore that people knew it was about me. I guess I was still tring to find my voice, and searching for where I wanted to take my blog xox

  4. This was really interesting reading in the third person and did give a more observatory feel. Reading your piece I think maybe I need to mix up my styles a bit more. Thank you for an interesting piece and an interesting prompt. missy x

    1. Thank you for reading, Missy. Writing this made me think I should write in the third person more, even about real things xox

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