No Consent: Anger

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

April 1994

Continued from… Roxanne and Barbara (part 2)

18 April
Annie bought herself a new watch. During her lunch hour. She had always had this thing for watches and purses. Whenever she saw a nice watch or purse, or she was tired of the ones she had, she went out looking for something new. The watch she bought was reduced in price, and had a cute background.

* * * * *

She greeted Fred with a kiss, as she usually did, when she returned home that afternoon.
“I bought myself a new watch today. Look,” she said proudly while holding her arm up for him to see.
“Hmm,” he grunted curtly without looking at her watch, “I hope you gave him a big fat kiss for it.”
Before Annie could say a word, Fred left the room and walked in the direction of the barn. She stared at his back in dismay. Did he just imply that she got the watch from another man? She jumped up to follow him but stopped in her tracks. No explanation would change his opinion — Annie knew this for sure.

20 April
Annie gifted Fred money an amount of money so he could buy new chickens. He kindly thanked her for it, and the rest of the evening he was tender and loving towards her, while at the same time being short and mean to Fran. As an utmost reward, he made love to Annie that evening after Fran left to sleep in the other room. Annie enjoyed his undivided attention, but at the same time, there was a feeling of guilt towards Fran.

23 April
Quite a number of people attended the party that Jack, Fred’s friend, had on his smallholding. The evening didn’t turn out to be what Annie imagined it might be like. Fred and Fran treated her as their personal servant. Annie was expected to see to it that sir and madam constantly had something to drink. She also had to keep an eye on the children. Fred only danced with her once. Occasionally he danced with another woman, but most of the time he danced only with his wife. As the evening progressed, Annie’s irritation grew. She saw nothing of the equal treatment Fred had promised there always would be. When for the umpteenth time she had to get them something to drink, she lost it.

“Here,” Fred harshly said, holding his glass out in Annie’s direction, “fill it up and take Fran’s glass too.”
Annie looked at the glass, then at Fred and turned her head the other way.
“Do it yourself,” she mumbled.
“What did you say?” Fred asked worryingly soft.
“Do it yourself. I am not your maid!” she hissed.
“Get the children!” Fred ordered Fran.

Everything happened with lightning speed. Before Annie could recover, the four children and three adults were in the car. Fred was furious and driving at a murderous speed. All the kids, who were sitting with Annie in the back of the car, were in tears. Annie had to bite the inside of her cheeks not to cry too. She held onto the kids as tightly as she could under the circumstances.

When they got home, Annie kept herself busy with the children. She calmed them down and tucked each of them in, giving them extra hugs and kisses and making sure they were okay. She was stalling too, not wanting to see either Fred or Fran. The couple disappeared into the master bedroom and Annie went to bed without speaking to either of them.

24 April
Today was Fran’s birthday. Together all the kids presented her with a gift. Spoiling Fran on her birthday lasted for about half an hour before Fred ordered the women to prepare for the breakfast. The atmosphere was charged, as Annie and Fred didn’t speak to each other after what had happened the evening before. After the breakfast, the adults sat in the sun, drinking their champagne and orange juice.

Fred was in a lousy mood. He wanted to hurt Annie. Once again, he wanted to show her that he was the master of the household, that he dictated what should and shouldn’t happen. He wanted to provoke her. He wanted to make her angry. He wanted her to, just like the previous evening, have an outburst so he could do now what he wanted to do last night, but couldn’t because of all the people around.

“Do you know that I fucked Rosie’s sister?” Fred asked Fran, deliberately ignoring Annie.
“What! The fat one? Do you remember her, Annie? The one who stood behind the bar? She took her top off and rested her fat tits on the bar. Remember?”
She didn’t wait for an answer from Annie but turned back to her husband with a forced smile.
“And when exactly did you bed her?”
“Oh, on the evening of the party,” Fred laughed nonchalant, “but she definitely wasn’t my first choice.”
“So tell us what happened,” Fran requested. She had difficulty not showing her dissatisfaction with her husband’s unexpected announcement.

“There was another fat cow at the party that evening,” Fred said disrespectfully, “She also stood at the bar and wore a light colored legging with a wide top. One of the male guests — a typical biker — stood with her.”
“But I thought you were going to tell us about Rosie’s sister,” Fran nagged.
“If you shut your trap, I’ll tell you!” he snapped.

To be continued… Sophia and the hooker

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