No Need to Escape

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.

~ Seth Godin

Master T and I currently have some time off from work — we are almost at the end of our vacation — just like we mostly have in May of every year. Now many of my colleagues have canceled their time off from work, because of the global situation with the corona virus, but we have decided to take the three weeks off work anyway.

One of the main reasons for this is that we never travel abroad for our holiday. We are quite content to just be at home. Maybe it is because we have done what Seth Godin said in the quote above: we have set up a life which we have no desire to escape from. Both Master T and I prefer to be home. Not having to work, being able to have a lie in, an easy start to our day, and then deciding over a cup of tea whether we will stay home or drive out to a spot where we can take some photos… that is vacation to us.

We both prefer to sleep in our own beds, but we have developed a certain love for staying overnight in a hotel too. Funnily enough, mostly when we go to a hotel, it’s only a 20-minute drive from home. It’s more about the change of scenery, the sexy excitement of staying in a hotel, than about escaping home.

Holidays as a child

For most of my childhood, every year in December (South African summer holidays) my parent would plan a two week vacation away from home. Mostly those happened in Namibia, and those times were absolutely wonderful. I think what I loved the most about those holidays was the fact that I never had to do the planning. All I had to do was be ready to get in the car when my parents were ready to start the long drive, and that’s it. They did the planning, they did the packing, they did the driving.

That came to a stop in the second half of my teens, but I never questioned why, as I was just as content at home as I was when we traveled. Maybe there was no money for holidays anymore; I don’t know.

Holidays as a young mom

I only remember one holiday where I took my kids anywhere else than to visit family. We embarked on a journey to Port Elizabeth, where I had rented a caravan for a week, and we hated every bit of it. No, that’s not true. We enjoyed the drive there, but it was clear that living in a caravan was not for us. Every sound outside scared me, and consequently the kids, and we left a day early, to return home.

There were one other holiday that wasn’t to visit family either. My mom was visiting us from Europe for a couple of months, and when the kids had school holidays and I was off from work, we got in the car and just started driving. Back then I lived in Cape Town, and we ended up driving towards Oudtshoorn where we visited the Cango Caves, and an ostrich farm. We didn’t have any reservations for hotels. We drove, stopped when and where we wanted to, and when we were tired we drove to the next best town, booked an overnight in a motel and continued the drive the next day. We were away from home for just over a week, and that was one of the best holidays I ever had.

Once we have moved to Europe, a couple of times we arranged for a house in a vacation park, where the kids could swim and play as much as they wanted.

Traveling to the USA

I have traveled to the USA three times for holidays. The first time I went to visit a friend and his wife, and we drove from Iowa to Canada, where we stayed in a log cabin for a week. It was brilliant out there, beautiful, serene. The second time was a year or two later, when I traveled by myself for the very first time ever, to Las Vegas. I went to see the same friend (this time without his wife, and no, there never was any sex between us, even though he would have wanted it). Las Vegas was so much different from any other place I had ever been to. I loved that the city never slept, and it made me laugh when we saw the same people at the slot machines in the morning, that were there the night before when we went to bed.

The best trip I ever had to the USA was when I traveled to New York with my mom. She had won a Christmas shopping trip for two people, and she invited me to join her. Now if I thought Las Vegas was an experience, I was in for a surprise. We stayed in a hotel on 6th Avenue, and went out on bus tours every day, visiting the most important spots of the city. We also had more than enough time to roam the city on our own, and we did just that. New York stole my heart in the short week we were there, and it’s one place I would like to return to, but then I want Master T at my side.


We are not travelers. We used to travel to London together once a year, but this year was the last time. In 2019 I traveled to London solo a couple of times, and I was planning to do so again this year, but we all know what state the world is currently in.

For now, a staycation (or holistay) is a perfect way for us to spend our time off from work. We have no need to travel. We don’t have a life we want to escape from. We are perfectly content at home.

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6 thoughts on “No Need to Escape

  1. “We have set up a life which we have no desire to escape from.” is such a nice sentiment. I also, like you prefer to be home over a holiday. I find them stressful really. Though, I do like an adventure sometimes but as I tend to travel a lot between the nls and here, I really just like to stay in one place otherwise!

    It’s funny you like staying in a hotel nearby!

    1. A hotel nearby is more relaxing than traveling abroad. No stress with customs, etc. and when we check out, we are home quickly, sometimes even only 15 minutes later 😉

  2. Our home will be a welcome spot this summer. We can enjoy our deck and pool and relax. We do enjoy going away though. We enjoy all inclusive resorts. The freedom not to cook and clean up, while still eating well and enjoying warm beautiful locations is tremendously freeing and relaxing. At home we do still have to cook and clean.

    1. That is so true, and the no-cook-no-clean is one of the reasons I love to go to a hotel, because then I truly relax 🙂

  3. I think it is wonderful that you would rather be at home than away. It really is a testament to your relationship and where you have chosen to live. You got both right. And that is wonderful
    May xx

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