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Music has the power to transport us back to places we have been, things we have done, and to remind you of intense feelings, whether happy or sad. Jae’s prompt was for a soundtrack of my life or relationship. I sort of combined the two when I jotted down the names of songs that never fail to make me remember special moments in my life.

Let me take you on a musical journey along some of the memories from my life.

What’s New Pussycat – Tom Jones

My parents had a chocolate brown Ford Granada, and on one of our annual summer holidays, this was the car we were in, driving to Namibia. Both my parents loved music, and always played cassette tapes in the car. One of those tapes was hits by Tom Jones, and What’s New Pussycat was one of the songs on it. I could also have chosen ‘Delilah’ or ‘It’s Not Unusual’ as these older songs of Tom Jones all take me back to those careless holidays, where I sang along with Tom Jones on those long drives to Namibia, twisting the words in my 9-year old mind to what I though they should be.

Top of the World – Carpenters

I loved listening to music as a teen, and had my go-to songs, and I loved (and still do) many of the Carpenters songs. Somehow this song always made me feel exactly what the title says: on top of the world. Maybe it’s because it takes me back to carefree teenage years, to times where there was sunshine and love, times where I was in my bedroom, in my own world, losing myself in the music.

Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking – Roger Waters

My first husband introduced me to the Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking and ever since I have heard it for the first time, I was hooked. I was already a fan of Pink Floyd’s music, but this album by Roger Waters was so different, and I spent many hours on my back, on the floor, earphones on my head, just listening to the words, to the journey this man in his midlife crisis took and the things he learned along the way. And, not unimportant either: the album has a very sexy cover!

Devil woman – Marty Robbins

This song brings back bad memories. It’s a song that I first heard when I was still a child, something my father occasionally used to listen to. I had forgotten about the song, and then ended up in a bad relationship. He sometimes played the CD on which the song was, but the night before I was to leave, he played it on his guitar and sang it to me with big crocodile tears running down his face, as he tried to convince me to stay. I only realized how triggering Devil Woman was when one night Master T played this song for me, and I burst out in tears. This song still gives me the shivers, even now, 25 years after that horrible relationship ended.

Innuendo – Queen

Not only the song, but also the Innuendo album, is very dear to my heart, because this was the last album Freddy Mercury worked on, and when the album was released in early 1991, we all believed that this was Freddie’s way of informing the world that he was ill. Nine months after the release of the album, Freddie passed away. A few years later I learned a good friend of mine was HIV positive too, and even though I was in the Netherlands and he in South Africa, I supported him through his roughest times, when others avoided him, even those who were once his best friends. He came to visit in the Netherlands at the end of 1998, and ended up in hospital for two months. My days consisted of half a day of work, and then I went to the hospital where I sat until the visiting hours at night, and went back home with whoever came to visit. In May 1999 we visited my friend in South Africa, and he took us to all his favorite spots. Six weeks to the day after we returned to the Netherlands, he passed away. Innuendo by Queen was one of his favorite albums, and any song from the album always makes me think of him and our special friendship.

African Sunrise – Helmut Lotti

This song is a favorite of mine, simply because it reminds me that Africa will forever be in my heart. I have witnessed many an African Sunrise on hiking trips, and photographed many African sunsets. Once the rhythm of Africa lives in your heart, there is no way to get away from it. It’s imprinted in my genes, and will never not be part of me.

The Rose – Bette Midler

Master T and I frequently have music nights, where we play one song after the other, and The Rose is always part of the collection. This song never fails to remind me how important the little things in life is, how thankful I am for what I have.

Some Kind of Wonderful – Grand Funk Railroad

I didn’t know this song until I met Master T and fell in love with him. Our music nights started very early in our relationship, and one night he didn’t only play Some Kind of Wonderful, but he also sang it to me while holding my hand and looking deep in my eyes. He has the most beautiful tenor voice, but it’s the love there was in his voice and in his eyes while he sang, that will forever stay with me, and will always have this song on my list of favorites.

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

The older I get, the more I seem to return to some ‘harder’ music. Back when I was a teen I used to listen to rock music too, and Thunderstruck never fails to bring out the rock chick in me. There is so much energy in this song, and it makes me feel alive every time I hear it. I love to turn up the sound when the song plays, to listen to it LOUD, because thats the only way you can listen to it! Also, every time I hear this song it makes me think of my favorite cousin, as he is the one who introduced me to AC/DC. And thinking of him, makes me think of his sisters, of the visits of our family to theirs, and the lovely times we spent together as kids.

Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young – Fire Inc

On any list of favorite songs, this one will always be there. It seems that very little people know this song, but it has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw the movie, Streets of Fire in the movie theaters back in 1984. I can’t tell you how many times, when I had conversations with people about favorite movies or songs, people didn’t know the movie, let alone the song. Then I met Master T and when I asked if he knew the movie, he said ‘yes’ and mentioned that Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young is his favorite song from it. See, I told you ours is a match made in heaven!

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6 thoughts on “Musical Memories

  1. Fabulous songs Marie – I know half of them at least – the ROSE – oh my – that has some painful memories for me
    May xx

    1. It’s a beautiful song, and sorry to hear it holds such painful memories xox

  2. The Rose is also a favorite of mine. It’s both a warning about what you’re in for if you fall in love and a reproachment for being afraid of it.

  3. I loved your trip down memory lane Marie. ❤️ You completely threw me off with Thuderstruck! Haha
    Have you seen 2Cellos cover of it? It’s definitely worth a listen or watch.

    1. Oh no, I haven’t seen the cover and will definitely watch it. Thanks for the tip <3

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