First Half of 2019

Since I enjoyed sharing some of my images on my blog for the photography prompt of Food for Thought, I have decided to share some of my ‘normal’ images more frequently.

Ever since my mom passed away and up to when corona hit the country, my daughter and I went out on photo trips every two to three months. I also frequently go for a drive with Master T and then we take our cameras. Photos will be shared from those trips, or the odd time I see something in or around the house which just urges me to use my camera.

With each photo I will share where the picture was taken, some of the sphere of the image, the original settings of the camera (thanks, Charlie!) and how it was edited.

I’m taking you on a quick trip through the first half of 2019.

Mixed buildings

In January 2019 my daughter and I went to Rotterdam for the day, walking around one of my favorite spots, Kop van Zuid. We crossed the Erasmus Bridge to the other side, and cross back again to end up at Hotel New York where we each had a cuppa and carrot cake. It was late in the afternoon on a winter’s day and the lights were already coming on. Paging through the photos of that day, this one jumped out, because of the old buildings in the front, and the more modern ones in the back. This is the face of Rotterdam, and so many other cities in the Netherlands (and across Europe), where you see the old mixed with the new; where the history of hundreds of years is written in the streets and buildings.

Old and new buildings, Rotterdam, seen from across the Maas River

Original settings: ISO 400 – 105 mm – f 5.6 – 1/40 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – Creative preset: older photo

Up the tree

Five weeks later my daughter and I went out again, this time to Clingendael. I chose this location because the last time I was there, was with my mom, and since it was the day before my birthday I guess I was looking for a way to feel close to her. You can say that it’s the reason why I made an image of the sky, looking up at the trees. That’s not it though — I love looking up and the tops of the trees, to see the character in their branches (or in spring/summer the green of their leaves, or the colored leaves in autumn) edged against the blue sky. There’s something majestic about it.

Looking up at the sky through age-old branches

Original settings: ISO 100 – 18 mm – f 8.0 – 1/250 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – Increased temperature from 5500 to 5600 – Color preset: ‘bright’


Another month later, Master T and I spontaneously went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam. We took the cameras and walked around in a radius of about 150m from the restaurant. We entered the metro station, where the escalators run down to the platforms below. I always feel embarrassed when there are other people around if I snap images, so this one was a quick snap. I wish I took more time, as I would’ve made sure it was entirely symmetrical, something I couldn’t obtain with editing without losing too much of the image. It was snapped in black and white, but when making a virtual copy of it in Lightroom, it was changed to color (learned something new there!).

Moving escalator stairs

Original settings: ISO 1000 – 58 mm – f 4.8 – 1/15 sec
Edit: Tilted photo slightly to the right for lines of escalator stairs to be straight – Cut off a narrow strip of the image on the left so the bottom of the escalator is in the middle – Black-white preset: ‘low contrast’

Central station

One day in April 2019 we met a friend from the UK for lunch in a restaurant close to Rotterdam Central Station, and that was more than enough reason for us to take our cameras. It’s always busy there, and where I do have images where people can be easily recognized, I chose for this image to more or less protect people’s privacy, but still show the beauty of the new station building. This is another image I snapped in black and white, but I actually like the color version better.

Another one of the beautiful sights in Rotterdam

Original settings: ISO 1600 – 22 mm – f 14 – 1/800 sec
Edit: Lens correction – Increased temperature with 2300 to 7600 – Decreased lighting with 0.30


In June 2019, on a hot summer’s day, our-cat-not-our-cat was looking to cool down a bit and lay down in the border, on the cool ground under the tree. I just had to grab my camera, as he looked so content with himself.

Just being his vigilant self while relaxing

Original settings: ISO 400 – 210 mm – f 6.3 – 1/100 sec
Edit: Increased temperature with 1800 to 7000 – Increased lighting with 0.50 – Increased highlights with 25

Strolling along

On my mom’s birthday in June 2019, I needed to get out of the house. We were on holiday then, so Master T and I drove out to the Maasvlakte, where I fought against tears so many times, and then walked down to the beach — way, way down — had a cry looking out over the sea and almost seeing the blue jellyfish too late (I was on my bare feet). I had to walk all the way back and by then I was almost crying with exhaustion, struggling though the sand to get back to where Master T was waiting. As I was trying to catch my breath, this little worm strolled along and made me smile.

Just strolling along, thank you…

Original settings: ISO 100 – 40 mm – f 8.0 – 1/250 sec
Edit: Lens correction – Increased temperature with 1800 to 6900 – Decreased lighting with 0.50 – Increased highlights with 25 – Increased shadows with 10

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17 thoughts on “First Half of 2019

  1. I loved seeing these, Marie, especially the buildings. I don’t know much of Rotterdam, I’ll have to look it up. My sister lived in Amsterdam and I’ve been there. She had a cat like yours or not yours.

    1. Rotterdam and Amsterdam are supposed to be rival cities, especially when it comes to football 😉
      If I have to choose, I will always choose Rotterdam first.

  2. Beautiful images Marie, and I love how you have included the camera settings. I’m just now learning how all these work (thanks to CharlieX) and I’m having loads of fun!

    Take care,

    Sweet x

    1. Thank you, Sweet xox
      It’s all because of CharlieX that I thought to add the camera settings 🙂

  3. I really love the mixed buildings picture. I really like the idea of the old and new combined. It’s one of the things I thought was quite striking about South Korea. Then I also love the tree shot. The quality looks really good and I have a thing for trees! Your pictures are really good Marie. I also particularly like the close up of this worm. That one is amazing. I love the detail, it looks so big!

    1. Thank you, ML. I definitely have a thing for the mixed buildings too. And that little worm… it was only about 3cm long. Such a happy little thing 🙂

  4. I also love going out and exploring. I hope you are able to do so again soon after all this. You have a great range of interesting places and subjects to photograph!

    1. We sure have a lot of places to go to, and I actually think I should arrange to go out with my daughter again. We have one place we love to go for a walk, and it feels like it’s time… 🙂

    1. Thank you, PS. I think there will always be more sexy ones than these on here 😉

  5. Glad you shared. I love the worm photo especially, and the idea of it making you smile in a difficult moment.

  6. I really like the tree photo. It’s framed well, and the bare branches make it both concrete in concept and abstract in presentation.

  7. Great post!

    When I lived in the area, I loved Clingendael and took many pictures there. Apart from the beach, it was my favorite spot where I could find nature ?

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