Not because it’s a celebrity…

I am not one who go ooh and aah with celebrities of even get remotely wet when seeing ones I like. I don’t know why this is, but I could just never get to the point where I go ‘all fan-girl’ about someone.

That said, there are some actors and actresses I really like, because of their looks. If I think of actresses, I love the beauty of Keira Knightley, of Julia Roberts, and the manly looks of Matt Damon and Johnny Depp. There are more, but no matter who it is, I don’t feel anything when I see them. I might make the remark ‘she’s really beautiful’ or ‘he’s so handsome’, but that’s it. Recently we watched a Spanish Netflix series, Mar de plástico, and there Jesús Castro (Lucas Morales) caught my attention because of his beautiful eyes, as well as Yaima Ramos (Fara) because of her beauty.

There was this one time…

This is what Steve Hofmeyr looked like back when I met him.

That said, there was one time when I did feel some excitement when I met a celebrity. It must’ve been in 1993, as it happened in Pretoria, and before that I was still in Cape Town. I was in the army back then, and we had a charity function we had to go to at one of the local hospitals. I was in uniform, and doing the work I had to do, when Steve Hofmeyr, a singer, walked in and gave a short concert. I loved his music — especially his covers of Neil Diamond — and it was nice to hear him sing live.

I hoped to be able to talk to him, for two reasons. One was that ever since my daughter saw him on television for the first time, she said she was going to marry him. She danced to his (Afrikaans) music and told everyone who wanted to know he would be her future husband. She was only 10 at the time. Another reason was that I had recently learned that a new family member had a relationship with Steve when they were still in school.

I got to talk to him, and at first it was awkward. I mean, how do you even start about such a family member. But I did, and he remembered her, and told me to give her his regards. The polite thing to say, right. Then I told him about my daughter, which made him laugh, and he signed some posters for her with sweet messages on it. My excitement for meeting him was not because he was a celebrity, but because he was actually a kind man. That really made me all giddy.

Steve today – older, different, and yes, attractive.

Today Steve Hofmeyr is still a singer in South Africa, but he’s also in politics that are much too radical to my liking. Even so, I do think he’s a very attractive man, and I still like listening to his music, even though I don’t do it that much anymore.

Celebrities and sex

Since this is a sex blog, I asked myself: are there any celebrities you would want sex with?

I thought long and hard, and I couldn’t come up with any one celebrity I would share the bed with.

Why not?

Yes, I asked myself that question too.

I think it all boils down to the fact that I just can’t have sex with a stranger. I need to feel some kind of connection to the other person, and only finding them attractive because of their looks is not enough for me. I need interaction, need to know the person behind the celebrity, need to know whether they tick any boxes for me before there can be any sexy interaction. I don’t only have this with celebrities, but with any person I come in contact with. Back when we still dated with others to see whether any sexy fun was possible, the click needed to be there. If it wasn’t, no sexy fun would follow, as I just can’t pretend.

And this goes for celebrities too. If I get to know them a bit, get to talk to them, and something clicks, who knows what kinds of fun might follow that! But then the fun will be because I like the person, not because it’s a celebrity…

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10 thoughts on “Not because it’s a celebrity…

  1. I feel very similar about celebrities as you. I could never tune into people obsessing over celebrities, which kind of made me feel like I was weird ? It’s cool you met him! The only person I’ve met is Markus and he gave a really great talk, then signed our books. That was cool

    1. Sometimes I think those people around us, those who don’t see the good things they do, are much more a celebrity that those who are deemed celebrities by their fans. That said, back then I too thought it was so cool I met him xox

  2. Ohh Marie he is indeed handsome!
    I am with you about not wanting to sleep with just any old person, celebrity or not – there has to be a genuine connection on both sides
    May xx

  3. I think sometimes it’s a case of ‘You’re a celebrity, get ME out of here!’ Like you say, if the person is a nice human being, they hold more status that just being well known.

    1. I actually prefer to stay far away from celebrities, especially those who think they are bigger than life only because they are celebrities 😉

  4. I have friends in common with Steve Hofmeyr. I remember him performing at family event before he was really well known. An interesting bloke, definitely in the marmite category.

    1. The idea of sleeping with a celebrity is a fantasy, so of course in our fantasies we meet our Celebrity Crush and find a real connection somehow (the stars are aligned!) and have really awesome sexy time with them.
      My celebrity crush on Madonna went from the 80s right up until the 2010s when I finally saw her live. Her show started well but about 3/4 of the way in she completely unravelled. My fantasies had always started with us meeting in a lift… if that happened now I’d pretend not to recognise her!

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