Zeal & Zest

I love our life.

We love our life.

From the day we met each other, and the day we decided to build our lives together, we both knew that we had something special in our hands. We both continuously work on our relationship, even though it doesn’t feel like work. It feels natural. Everything we do feels natural. We feel we are meant to be together, that life has lead us to each other. Both of us had to go through the hardships we had in order to appreciate what we have together, and because we have this understanding, both of us will always protect and treasure what we have.

Sometimes we take a step back and look at our life, and admit to each other that what we have is special. We acknowledge this with a sense of wonder, and a deep gratitude that we know a love like ours.

We love trying new things together. Discovering new things. We love re-discovering things too. As I have said many times in this series, we love to be together, whether it’s as simple as going out for lunch, going on a photography trip, or deciding to overnight in a hotel where we haven’t been before. I hope that next year we can embark on new adventures together. Adventures which takes us to new places, and where we will make new memories, sometimes with old friends, sometimes with new. It will have to be next year, as I don’t think with the current situation due to the corona virus that these plans can be executed in 2020.

But even if we don’t get to travel ever again, even if we are home-bound and our only trips are out to a restaurant once a week, even then I will continue to feel the enthusiasm for our life together. Life has been given to us, and it should be treasured. Life has brought us together, and this should be protected. Life happens around us every day, and we have to be part of it with enthusiasm and excitement. Together we have to keep the sparkle of life alive, because life is short and every day should be lived to the max.

I will close this series with the words that Master T and I say to each other so many times. Words we express when we feel the gratitude for everything we have, for our love, for our happiness, even for our health. Because being grateful for the part that is good, just makes the part that’s not good more bearable. Our gratitude is also for having each other. We are a strong team. We are individuals, but at the same time, we are one. We never forget what we have, and frequently remind each other…

Life is good!

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter
© Rebel’s Notes

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10 thoughts on “Zeal & Zest

  1. Well done Marie – on so many counts – but i know what it is like to complete the challenge so will start with that xx

  2. I am so impressed at how dedicated you have been to this challenge. I dropped the ball at “I” and never found the energy to pick it back up.

    1. To be really honest, I had everything written roundabout day 12 and scheduled ahead, otherwise I might not have made it through. I enjoyed the poems you have written!

    1. Life sure is good, and I need to remind myself of that when I feel a bit down. Thank you for following my A-Z journey 🙂 xox

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