Yin & Yang

What does you are the yin to my yang mean?
The simple meaning is: You complete me. However, there is more to it. It’s also about balance. So the other meaning would be : You balance me out. In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represent how two even opposites can compliment each other and should be considered as a whole.
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Master T is the yin to my yang.

He definitely completes me. He keeps me in balance. He keeps our relationship in balance the way I keep it in balance too. This brings closes the circle, as I know I keep him in balance, and I complete him.

Some say that all of us should develop an appreciation for the male/female within each of us, to help us to appreciate our partner’s perspective. I looked at that for a moment, thinking about how Master T and I are in our relationship regarding feelings.

He’s a man. He’s very rational about everything in life, whether it’s life itself or death. To some he might come across as insensitive, but I know that’s far from true. He might be rational, but he definitely has feelings too, and just does a better job than me to hide them. However, he understands that I am different, that I am the emotional one, and where I try to understand his rationality, he tries to understand my emotions. There is room for both in our relationship.

With this I don’t want to say that men can’t be emotional beings. Or that women can’t be rational beings. I believe we all have a harder and a softer side in us, whether we are male or female. We all have things that make us emotional, and we all have things we approach in a rational manner. Because of this, we can understand that others react differently than we do in similar situations.

I like that Master T is rational and not overly emotional. Just imagine what a mess it would’ve been here if we were both very emotional types. With the hardships we had faced in the past years, and some of which we are still facing, by now we would’ve been this couple sitting on the couch, probably both feeling very sorry for ourselves, and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But instead, he counters my emotions with his rational thinking, and keeps me in balance. In the same way, when he gets too rational about things, I remind him of emotions that come into play, and doing so I keep him in balance.

I guess this means we balance out or different strengths and weaknesses. Where one of us is ‘weak’ the other steps in with ‘strength’. We keep each other in balance, and by doing so, we keep our relationship healthy.

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2 thoughts on “Yin & Yang

  1. Your post has really made me think, thank you.

    I’ve always been a tomboy, and generally have a very rational and balanced view of the world. (PMT and pregnancy hormonal crashes have passed me by fortunately)

    Since meeting sir and subsequently finding my wonderful circle of friends I have learnt more about the feminine perspective and have found a balance that i didn’t realise I needed.

    Great post,

    N xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I love that you have found the balance, even though you didn’t realize you needed it xox

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