Wish & Work

I wish for Master T that his health gets to a point where he is more mobile, and in less pain.

He wishes for me that I am less sensitive about what people say and think about me.

We wish for us that our D/s and sex life get back to a comfortable level for both of us.

Those are some big things we wish for each other, but it’s not always about the big things. Many times it’s the small things that really make a difference. Simple things, like wishing each other a good day, or a good night’s sleep. Or, when we sit down for a meal, saying ‘bon appetit’.

We wish each other daily happiness, a lifetime of good health, and peace of mind. This doesn’t mean that we never have bad days, and — as is painfully obvious from many posts on this blog — it doesn’t mean we never get health problems, or never have things that bug us. We are just human and definitely have our up and down days, but it’s how we handle and conquer those that makes a difference.

It takes work to overcome the dips we go through, whether those are individual dips, or dips we go through together. I say it takes work, but to me, and I am sure Master T feels the same, it doesn’t feel like work. Working together as a team, supporting each other in everything, is something that comes natural to both of us. Be it because of our love or because helping and supporting others is ingrained in our personalities, it just never feels like work to be there for each other.

If I look at work in another way, I am thankful that both Master T and I have good jobs. He has been working for the same company for 33 years, and I am into my seventeenth year working for the same company. We have good jobs, and we have a good life because of it. Not a life with excessive luxuries, but we can allow ourselves more than many other families can. This is also the reason why we donate to several charities that help children to have a better life. We work hard for our money and are not people who like to go on expensive holidays, which is why we can be found in a restaurant at least once a week.

Taking time out to be together, to have a drink and a nice dinner or lunch, we frequently look at each other, raise our glasses and say: “Life is good.”

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10 thoughts on “Wish & Work

  1. I hope your wishes come true, enjoy the good life (as you know my motto is the same as yours: ‘carpe diem’)

      1. Every time I open my phone I see ‘CARPE DIEM’ 🙂 I admit, I don’t always notice it, but there are times that I see the message…and the next step … actually picking the day…well sometimes I really do that, thanks to the reminder.

        1. I might have to write it on a post-it and stick it in my diary, as that is the one thing I see on my desk all day. But, with all that happened on social media in the past months, I am honest that panic overrides Carpe Diem, which is sad.

          1. It’s sad indeed, but don’t despair. One pick a day can make the differance. You don’t have to pick all day ;-).

  2. You know reading about you two it feels like you’re doing everything that marriage stands for. It’s not only about love, it’s about hard work and fighting for each other, being there for each other, having fun, communicating etc. and it’s so wonderful to read about

  3. There can be no other way if you are part of a happy couple! You must support each other! We need that “rock” in our relationship. That person who has our back regardless of what happens. Knowing that, we are freed to be ourselves and to take risks!

    1. And I am in the privileged position to have a “rock”, and hope I am a “rock” for him too 🙂

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