Value & Vulnerable

I think through this entire series, and I hope my readers see it to, one thing shines through: Master T and I value each other and everything we share. We share much time together, and actually love being together all day.

Under normal circumstances on working days, I will be away from home. We stay in contact through email all day long. Now with the semi lock-down in our country I have been working from home every day, and I love it. It’s not like we talk with each other all day long — we have to work after all — but just being together is really nice.

We do make time to do things together. In the evenings I have a self-imposed deadline for when I have to log out and move my bottom to the couch. This is as much for me to relax a bit before bedtime, as to give Master T my full attention, whether it’s with having a conversation, or just watching one of our series together. During weekends (under normal circumstances) we do our grocery shopping together, and then go out for lunch. Those times are really precious.

Even in this lock-down we have found a new way of just spending time together. With no restaurants open it’s not possible to sit down for lunch, and we don’t have to do grocery shopping, as our youngest go to the shop with a list every Friday, and then sends me a message when she’s about to pay. I then drive over to pick her up. Still, on the Saturday, Master T and I go to the shopping center, and walk from the fish store to the butcher and then to the bakery, before returning back home. And of course we bring ourselves back something nice to eat, and sit down together to do so.

It seems we always find new ways to spend quality time together, and with our May holiday coming up, I am sure we will go out on our photography day trips, the way we normally do. There might not be restaurants to go to, but I see us getting something to eat at a local bakery or supermarket, parking the car somewhere with a nice view and just having our snacks in the car. Also, taking into account the situation with COVID-19, our day trips will happen on week days, when people have to work and we don’t risk places being too busy. Safety first!

Feeling valued is not all about spending time together, but by spending time together we do feel loved and valued, and it keeps our bond strong. But, a touch here, a hug there, or a loving word goes a long way with deepening the feeling of being loved and valued, and I am thankful to say that we have that in our relationship.

I think feeling that you are valued and loved for the person you are, also opens you up and allows you to be vulnerable towards each other. To be able to reveal the deepest parts of yourself, whether it’s about feelings or needs or desires. I really believe that to be able to be vulnerable towards each other, many aspects in the relationship — many of which have been dealt with in this series — need to be present and in balance, otherwise being vulnerable might open you up to abuse.

I really am thankful for the relationship I have, where I can support the one I love so deeply on every level imaginable, and know I have his support in exactly the same way.

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12 thoughts on “Value & Vulnerable

  1. I’ve enjoyed following this series, and it is so touching to read about your wonderful relationship with Master T. This line in particular resonates with me:

    ‘But, a touch here, a hug there, or a loving word goes a long way with deepening the feeling of being loved and valued…’

    1. Thank you, Miss Scarlet. I am privileged and blessed to have something so beautiful as this relationship 🙂 xox

  2. The connection between you and Master T has definably come over through these posts. You sound like you have a wonderful relationship ?

  3. A beautiful post. Like you we are valuing the additional time we spend together and trying to make the most of the fact we can’t eat out.

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