United & Understand

White rope with a red heart symbolizing friendship.

Two become one.

That’s how Master T and I stand in life. We are two, but we have become one, because we form a united front. I stand with him, and he stands with me. Our common goal is to be good people, to help others where we can, while always staying true to our own identities.

Together, as a unit, we are stronger and by forming a united front and standing together, our children and grandchildren have a safe haven to return to when needed. Even though they are all adults, they still have those times when they need advice, or just need to talk about something that bugs them. You might think that there are times when we think differently about what the kids tell us, but we actually never do. It’s wonderful to always be on one line, to always have the same opinion about something. We just think the same about so many things, and I admit, it definitely makes it easier to form that united front.

Still, when the kids were still living here, there were times where we thought differently about some of the things the children had done. We never let the kids in on our different views, and never allowed them to ‘play us out’ against one another. Whenever we had different views and discussed it afterwards, we discovered that our views were not that much different. Mostly it was that we had different approaches to a problem, but in the end the result we wanted was the same.

By discussing our differences, we built an understanding of the other’s point of view. Sometimes I leaned over to the way Master T thought, and other times he understood my approach, and adjusted his thinking to mine. Being open-minded and trying to understand each other’s point of view helped both of us to grow. None of us can always be right about everything (although some people certainly believe they are), and really listening to what the other has to say, and trying to understand their point of view even if it differs from yours, is part of the growth process in any relationship, whether a marriage or a friendship.

It’s all about being open-minded and appreciate what the other believes in. It doesn’t mean to pull the other over to believe the same, but just to always give them the room to be themselves. For instance: Master T doesn’t believe that there is something out there. He doesn’t believe in any god, and he doesn’t believe in any kind of higher power. I, on the other hand, do believe that there is something out there. He doesn’t try to let me see it his way, and I don’t try to let him see it my way. We accept that this is something we differ on, and try to understand the other’s point of view, while still maintaining our own. It just so happens that we see eye to eye about politics, but if we hadn’t, we would have approached it the same way.

We might be very much the same, and we might think the same about many things, and we might be a couple where “Two become one” but we still are individuals, and respect each other for that.

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4 thoughts on “United & Understand

  1. I find the differences between my and your relationship quite interesting. We all tackle the topic of isolation and relationship right now. I guess I am way to independent minded for so much unity but I am very happy to see that it works for you. My take away from reading your posts and the posts from others is that the only real constant for a happy relationship is the ability to communicate with each other about it.

    1. I am so with you on that – communication is always important. Take care and stay safe xox

  2. You have described my Queen and me. Though we both believe in God. However I do have a question for you: why do you turn off comments in your older posts? I have visited some of them and would have commented but can’t.

    1. My comments automatically close after 500 days, because I never thought people would want to comment on old posts. Since it seems to be the case, I have now opened up the comments for all posts 🙂

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