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Recently I wrote about my creative family, and I mentioned the cousin who is into bodypainting, and damn good at it too. When she started out, I was her ‘practice model’ a couple of times. I always wore skimpy underpants when she painted me, but for the rest I was naked. Then, the last time she painted me, she asked me if I would be a fully naked model, as she wanted to try out an erotic paint. I was all in, and that’s how the erotic bodypainting happened.

With working so much at the moment, I haven’t been in my studio for quite some time, while I really wanted to do some pinup photos. Not only didn’t I have time, but I couldn’t come up with any proper ideas.

Then something else came to mind… the photos Master T had taken the day of that bodypainting. It was quite a search to find them on external hard drives, but they were exactly what I needed for the April prompt of the new Fun Theme Photo Meme.

The only ‘real’ items of ‘clothing’ I am wearing in these images are my shoes and (in the second image) a lacy kind of ‘sleeve’ around my neck and shoulders. All the rest is bodypaint. A days work, washed off in only a couple of minutes.

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Fun Theme Photo Meme

36 thoughts on “Pin-up Paint

  1. I’m “reading up” and I’m glad I’m not skipping anything. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss these pictures. Very sexy. And you’re radiating it, too.

  2. Gosh, Marie! These are stunning photos of some exceptional body paint. I saw the thumbnail and had no idea you had were decorated rather than dressed. ?

    N x

    1. Oh K, you are absolutely right, these could fit in perfectly with #polaroidspast! Thank you for your lovely comment :0 xox

  3. Wow! That is indeed a Pin-up. Amazing work.

    btw, these photos are having the desired effect…

  4. Oh wow. These are amazing. I would never have known it was paint until I read your post and zoomed in. So clever and as you say, perfect for pin up. So glad that you found and posted these ❤️

    1. Thank you, Missy. With all the beautiful comments I am extra happy that we took the time to search for these photos 🙂 xox

  5. That is amazing, I honestly would not bat an eye to that. It’s astounding how realistic something can look on someone and shows we can’t always trust our eyes. Love this.

    1. This is such a wonderful comment, and indeed, you are so right that we can’t always trust our eyes 😉

  6. This is absolutely amazing!! WOW what an experience and talent!!!

    Thank you so much for looking them out and sharing them!

    Take care

    Sweetgirl x

    1. I am so happy that we took the time to searched for them. I never thought they would be loved this much! Thanks for giving me a platform to share them, Sweet xox

  7. These — and YOU — are incredible!!! ✨ I am wowed and speechless. Really really cool, beautiful.

    1. Thank you. It takes the best part of a day. Normally we were there roundabout 11am, and only returned home some time in the evening. It also depends on the complexity of the paint, such as the lace on my arms, the string of the ‘body’.

  8. Omy wow. I was totally convinced you were wearing real clothes. Until I read the text I wondered what the bodypainting aspect was in this picture lol! This definitely feels so on theme. Love your hair and eyelashes too and you look so confident in these

    1. Thank you, ML. I was constantly prompted that day to look into the camera looking less like a rabbit caught in the headlights. This artist does EVERYTHING, from painting, to hair, to nails, the entire look. She is SO talented 🙂

  9. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, showcasing some real intricate work. Beautiful!

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