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I think that many people will think that the nurturing going on in our relationship currently evolves only around Master T and his health problems.

Nothing is less true. You see, he nurtures me too. It manifests in the way he has attention for the things I do, the way he allows me to work away at my desk, doing the hobby that has grown out to be a second job. Sometimes I sit here, typing away for hours, and he allows me to do that, knowing how important it is to me. But, there are those moments too when he will remind me to take my rest, and mostly we do that away from home, as otherwise I will just get busy with other things, such as the laundry or other chores. I just can’t sit still.

Another way I feel he nurtures me is with our evening routine. Master T is always the one to cook dinner, and he never wants me to do it. It’s not because he thinks I can’t cook (because believe me, I can), but because all the other chores rest on my shoulders, and doing the cooking means I don’t have to worry about that too. I always hear the ladies at my work sighing about ‘what should I cook tonight’, and I always come home to a cooked dinner. Now if that’s not nurturing, I don’t know. After dinner I normally work at my desk for a couple of hours, until no later than 8.30pm, and then I move to the couch. No matter what Master T is watching, he will switch over to a series we are watching together. I never have to look for something to watch, as he knows what I like, and he makes sure there’s always something in the list.

The way we have constructed our lives (under normal circumstances, not the current lock-down status) is to go out for grocery shopping on a Saturday and then find a place to go out for lunch. Those hours away from home is my much-needed time to just refill my energy, to be with him,to talk, to soak up his presences, to have my soul nurtured. There is nothing better than spending time with him, which is the reason why my desk is in the middle of the living room, because then I can type away AND be with him.

My relationship makes me feel safe, and this in itself is nurturing too. Noting comes between Master T and me. He knows I have his back and I know he has mine. I will stand by his side always, the way I know he will always stand by me.

Just like here at home, where I want to be close to him all the time, I want to be close to him even when I am at the office, and he’s working from home (which he has been doing for the past 3.5 years). And, I am close to him every day, because in the morning when I get to the office I send him the first email, and throughout the day we email to and fro. All of those emails are one-liners, never long texts. We started doing this on the night we first got in contact with each other, and I guess we have just never stopped. I can’t imagine a single working day without those emails. Each of them, even if it’s only about something mundane, is like a little love note, because we know we have been thinking of each other.

A fun fact about these ‘notes’: since I start them in the morning, Master T has to close them in the afternoon, and mostly his email just says: I am logging off now. See you soon xxx.

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4 thoughts on “Nurturing & Notes

  1. I think it’s such a good thing to have that set moment for the two of you where you enjoy a nice break away from home and work by going out for lunch. Must be a bit strange being unable to do that right now. I never really got the impression that he wasn’t nurturing you too. You two seem in such a loving relationship even though it gets hard. I admire you.

    1. Thank you, ML. I know, we are a lucky couple to have what we have. And we say that to each other frequently, so never to take it for granted.

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