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I am sure I have talked about my love for my husband on this side so many times before, but seriously, I never get enough of talking about just how much I love him. He makes me happy. He puts a smile on my face every day, even if it’s only by being who he is.

Before I met Master T, I thought I knew what love was, but it turned out I had been mistaken. Only when I met him, I discovered the true meaning of love. A love that doesn’t tie down, doesn’t demand, doesn’t prescribe who I should be, a love that accepts, that supports, that comforts. A beautiful strong base on which we have built our marriage, our entire being together — that’s what our love is.

But even better, I know that as much as I love Master T, he loves me too. He doesn’t only tell me that he loves me, he also shows me that he supports me. Just this morning we were doing the dishes together and we spoke about a slight ‘panic attack’ I had when we first ventured out to our shopping center. It was very quiet there, but I still watched everyone, making sure to keep my distance. Standing in one store, I felt light-headed and noticed that I was hyperventilating.

“I know the situation with corona is on your mind constantly,” he said.
“It is, and even if I don’t follow the news, I am still confronted by it because everything is so different.”
He agreed, and then I said: “To be honest, the thing I fear the most is for it to enter this house, and for you to get it. That’s my biggest fear.”
He instantly turned away from the kitchen counter, his hands still wet, and put his arms around me. This was such an a-typical thing for him to do, but it showed me that he understood exactly how I felt (and still do) and even though he is far too rational to have the same fears as I do, his love for me made him comfort me about something he wouldn’t give a second thought.

And right after that we laughed, because he was still standing with his wet hands in the air behind my back, and as I realized this I told him not to dare dry his hands on my clothes, which of course he threatened to do. See, I too have learned to change a loaded moment into something lighter by making a joke. He has taught me well!

Love is what makes us accept each other the way we are. He’s the rational one, and I am the emotional one. I could’ve said that I want him to show a bit more emotion in some situations, and he could’ve said he wants me to be more rational at times. But we don’t do that. Our love is accepting on all levels.

Our love is not only for us. We shower our children and grandchildren with it too. We are here when they need us, but let them live their own lives. We support them where we can, without meddling in their lives. We are always interested in what they do, even if we don’t approve of all they do. They have to live their lives, have to make their own mistakes and grow in their own way, and we will always be here to catch them when they fall.

In an earlier post in this series I have written about humor and how we have so much of that between us. Many times humor will turn into unbridled laughter, so much so that tears roll down my face, and my tummy aches. One thing I absolutely love is to hear Master T laugh. Back when our son was still living here, and because of the stressful situation that surrounded him, it was always music to my ears when the two of them had a conversation and they both laughed. It had always seemed to release some of my stress.

Laughter is just another way that binds Master T and me, as we both love to have our silly moments, in between all those loving ones!

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    1. It most definitely is. I tend to have my gloomy days, but he always knows how to lift me up 🙂

  1. Love and Laughter!! They go so well together!! Last night my Queen and I laughed till our guts hurt as we went to bed. Just silliness, but so nice to do!!

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