Kindness & Kisses

Master T is one of the kindest persons I know. He has compassion for others, shows interest in people, and make everyone who cares to spend time with him feel special. Even when he doesn’t understand the things some people are dealing with in their lives, he tries to support them in some way or the other.

Closer to home, he supports me and our kids in all our endeavors. He knows what things are important to us, what things move us, what things keep us busy, and in all of that, he supports us. I wouldn’t have been able to make a success of this blog and the Smut Marathon if I didn’t have his support in it. It’s kind of him to let me put in so many hours typing away at my laptop, and at the same time showing interest in what I am doing. He has no desire at all to read sex blogs, but up to the point where his health became an issue, he read every word I wrote, and sometimes read posts by others when I pointed them out to him.

Something I don’t easily say about myself, but which I know is true and what I want to include for the purpose of this post is that I know I am a kind person too. I care about others, care about their feelings and help them where I can when I know they need it.
Back in December something happened at my work that was hugely upsetting, and which essentially put me down as a bully, something I know I am not. I am very passionate about my job, and believe that what we do and get paid for should be done correctly and with a huge amount of responsibility, and I expect my co-workers to do the same. What was said about me behind my back, and which I had been confronted with by my manager hurt my soul. When the whole situation was finally defused, my manager mentioned that I am a kind person, and that she understood why what happened had hurt me so badly.

In all this (and some other things that happened in that same time frame), Master T was a huge support. I have mentioned many times before that he is a very rational person, and his words about it were: “Don’t let it upset you.”
At the same time, he put his arms around me, in comfort and support, understanding how much I has touched me.

In all the years we are together — we met in April 2002 — we haven’t had one fight. There are people who say no relationship can be without a fight, but seriously, we have never had a fight. Yes, I have seen Master T irritated with things, or heard him utter strong words in some situations, but we have never had a fight. I am the passionate one of the two of us, the one who raises my voice when I feel strong about some things. I don’t fight, far from it, I just express my opinion, and through all of it Master T stays calm, which brings me back to calmness too.

So many times when I had been upset about something, and even after I have calmed down, he will defuse the situation with a joke. He does it with me, and he does it with the children. He makes us laugh, and suddenly the thing we had been upset about isn’t a thing anymore. When he does it with me — joke and make me laugh — it frequently ends in kisses.

And oh, some of those kisses definitely make me forget all about the world out there. Sometimes it’s just a quick kiss, a re-connection, but sometimes the kiss is filled with promise of what is to come in the next moments, or later, depending on the time of day. I can’t imagine my relationship with Master T being without kissing. We have so many moments of kissing during the day, but those kisses that seem to make my nipples perk up, and my pussy tingle… well, those kisses definitely are my favorite.

Oh, and just in case you wondered… yes, even when Master T is being a sadist during a D/s session, I still think of him as kind.

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4 thoughts on “Kindness & Kisses

  1. I can imagine Master T being a very patient man. It’s something I wish I was blessed with. I hate backstabbing and unkindness. Work situations can sometimes be soul destroying. Great post Marie.

    1. Thank you, Julie. I’m the same with backstabbing and unkindness. Just like conflict, it freezes me, makes me crawl in the hole people want me to crawl in. Like you say, soul destroying. Every time something like this happens, I realize how sensitive I am.

    1. Thankfully the incident is in the past, but it made me trust some colleagues a lot less than I did before. I always trust instantly, and have been burnt for it many times in my life, realizing too late some people are not to be trusted 🙁

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