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From the moment Master T and I started chatting to each other, two months before we met face to face, we were interested in each other. We quickly discovered that we had a lot of mutual interests, and things we both liked, but also that there were ways in which we differed. Even so, we were interested in what kept the other busy.

Something I have never been interested in was in downloading and collecting music, but for Master T it was a kind of hobby to do, and it continued for quite some time after I moved in with him. Even though it wasn’t something I was interested in before, I was interested to the point where I wanted to know how many songs or albums he had, what he had downloaded on an evening where he was behind his computer, and what songs or albums he was still searching for.

From his side he knew how interested I was and still am in developing and maintaining websites, and he always showed interest in this. Fun thing is that when I start talking about HTML and CSS I see his face go blank and know I have lost him. But that also happens to me when he starts talking stocks, something he had been doing for much longer than we are together, and he has a huge amount of knowledge about it. So many times he has tried to explain put and call options to me, but my eyes glaze over the same as his when I talk website stuff. I get that stocks are about buying and selling, and when you should buy or sell, but all the other terms… I just don’t get it!

Something Master T and I had both been interested in before we got together is photography. For me it was always something I just did. I pointed my camera, snapped a picture and that was it. Okay, maybe a bit more than that, as I always looked at the composition too, and still do. But, Master T had a lot more knowledge about it that I had — and here I talk terminology and really understanding his camera. He taught me quite a number of things, gave me tips, and the rest I learned when I went for a basic photography course.

There is something very special about having a combined hobby, as we love going out with the cameras for a couple of hours. But even though we share this, we are interested in different things. Master T loves to take black and white shots in an industrial area, while I love to walk around (read: crawl around) with my macro lens taking closeups of flowers or tiny creepy crawlies. And then, once those shots have been taken, we love browsing through each other’s images.

There’s intimacy in having so many shared interests.

Speaking of intimacy, I have blogged about the lack of physical intimacy before, but still, like I said in a previous blog post, I don’t feel we lack intimacy. Just being together, knowing each other so well, sharing things on so many levels… all of that to me feels intimate too. Intimacy doesn’t have to be about sex, even though I know there are people out there who differ from me.

That said, where Master T seemed to make a come back some weeks ago after he had stopped with the immune suppressants, his libido sort of took a dive again.I think that the meds need a longer time to be totally out of his system, and I have been patient for so long, I can be patient for a bit more. What’s more, I have been under the weather for several weeks too, which meant sexual intimacy wasn’t really on my radar either. I’m not worried — I know we will get back to some level of sexual intimacy, and in the meantime we share so much on an emotional level, that it feeds both our needs for intimacy anyway.

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  1. Intimacy is all sorts of things. The ability to quietly sit on a porch and gaze at life passing you by is (or can be) very intimate. For us though we need to have sex—well not me actually, but my Queen. She starts to feel distant from me if she goes too long without sex. So while many things we do are very intimate, we also need to connect physically reasonable regularly.

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