Honesty & Humor

I think honesty ties in with so many other words describing our relationship, such as commitment, faithful and also love, open, quality and trust — all words that are still to come. I think all those things need an element of honesty too.

Master T and I both come from relationships where there was a lot of dishonesty, and that have made us both realize (separately) that we never want to be in a relationship again where one can’t be fully honest with each other. We are who we are, and neither of us were ever going to change ourselves for anyone ever again (I guess you can notice from the way the sentence is constructed that I feel very strong about it, and believe me, so does Master T.)

We are honest about everything — feelings, thoughts, what we did, what we are about to do, who we talk to, who we flirt with, who we would like ‘to do’, etc. Everything. Now saying this, I have to put a side note here: I have difficulty talking about things I want, and Master T is not a big talker when it comes to feelings, but still this doesn’t make us dishonest towards each other. It only means that I need longer to find the words and order them to get across what it is I need/want. And, whenever we sit down and talk, Master T will definitely mention his feelings or thoughts if that is part of the conversation. Whatever we say to each other, always comes from our hearts.

In all of this seriousness, there’s a lot of humor too. As I write this and start thinking of examples, already a smile is forming on my face, thinking of those moments that I am like a teenager, jumping around and teasing him and having so much fun that I almost pee my pants with laughter. And even more so when he looks at me with a straight face, and only a twitch of his eye tells me he finds it as funny as I do, but he ‘refuses’ to laugh.

Then there are those moments when we are silly together. Sometimes we have conversations — silly ones — where in the end both of us are laughing and thanking the gods out there that there was no one else around while we were so silly. Because seriously, I think people will start doubting either our maturity or our sanity when they see us. We might just end up somewhere with a straight jacket (only joking of course!). We really can be like two teenagers who just fell in love, and there is nothing better than laughing together at the silliness.

As I write this, my smile is getting bigger, thinking of what happened last night. As it was a Tuesday evening and normally the Wednesday is our day off from work, we went to bed later. Now I still had to work, but I didn’t mind going to bed later for one evening. As I cleared away our glasses, Master T cleared away some other things and turned the heating down for the night, and we just happened to meet each other in the hallway. I was joking about going to bed too late, and as I did so I put my hand on his waist and was looking up to him.

He bent his head down and we started kissing. A nice, sensual kiss, tongues gently touching, a kiss filled with promise while his hand found my breast. Now just before we decided to go to bed, he was drinking some alcoholic drink mixed with 7up, and I had a glass of wine. But, when my glass was empty, I also had a mint chocolate. As we kissed, and as parts of me tingled, I also tasted the sweetness of his drink, which made me think of the chocolate I just had. Our kiss ended, we looked at each other, and I said: “Minty, ‘eh?”
Both of us started laughing, and with that I turned around to go upstairs, but not before he smacked my bum.

This is but one example of our humor, but there’s so much more. Life is too short not to have fun, and I am grateful to be in a relationship where I don’t only help (another h-word) my husband when needed, but he is the one I can laugh with, who gets my humor, and who’s humor I get.

Ah wait, before you go, I have to tell you this…

Now you all should know the idiom ‘get up on the wrong side of the bed’, right? In Dutch that idiom, if I translate it directly, is as follows: “get out of bed with the wrong foot”. Picture this… in the very beginning of our relationship, Master T and I sat on the couch one night. We were watching television, or he was playing a game, I don’t know, but we were having fun and were happy to be together. Then he said: “I once got out of bed with the wrong foot, fell flat on my face, and never did it again.”

I sat next to him, knowing his leg has been amputated, and I have been raised that you don’t point at disabled people, you don’t stare and you certainly don’t laugh. He was so serious, and I felt this laugh bubble up in me, while at the same time being mortified and biting my lip not to laugh. I see things that are said in pictures, so you can imagine what picture I had in mind. It took several seconds before he burst out laughing and only then I realized he was pulling my leg (haha, I am not allowed to make this joke, Master T always says) and I laughed with him. Now that’s the kind of humor my husband has…

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  1. Humour and the ability to laugh with each other are critical with any relationship. I think all relationships that stand the test of time have it!

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