Giving & Gazing

Sometimes as we sit here downstairs, Master T reading his paper and me typing away on the laptop, I have the urge to give him a hug or a kiss (or both) and will stand up and go to him. Sometimes we just gaze into each others, laugh, hug, kiss and then I return to my desk.

In bed this can run a different course. Sometimes I lean over to kiss Master T, and I catch a certain glint in his eyes, which causes me to lock my eyes with him. Many times what follows is him hooking his finger in my sleep collar, pulling me closer. A kiss follows, and there are times his fingers find my nipples, and more. I cannot quite describe the way this makes me feel, from the way it starts with gazing, and sometimes ending in so many orgasms that I definitely need a night’s sleep to recuperate.

There’s just something in his look, something in his gaze, that sends a delicious tingle through my body, and will make me give him anything he wants.

Speaking of giving…

We are not a couple who give each other physical gifts. There was a time that we did it, but we both came to the conclusion that we wanted to stop with is, since we will much rather just go out together and buy what we want at that moment. This doesn’t mean that when we go out we both buy something. No, that happens only sometimes, and I guess this is a kind of giving too.

The kind of giving I like much more than material stuff is what we give each other every day. Love, friendship, care, time, energy. We love spending time together and in no way does either of us feel burdened in giving each other what we do. I know in some relationships (here I am thinking of some of my colleagues) they are not fond of spending time with each other. Some ladies at my work are forever complaining when their husbands are home, or rejoicing when he is gone for an evening and they have the place to themselves. Now I know some of them might be exaggerating, but I never join in conversations like that, because in the times that Master T sometimes had to do something away from home for his work, I felt adrift and couldn’t wait for him to come back home. I won’t say he feels adrift when I am not home for an evening (or night) but I always see the joy in his eyes when I return.

I have written about how we are each other’s best friends and how we care for each other. Yes, at this moment I am the one giving more care than Master T is, and that might never change again, but still he gives me so much. We laugh together, we discuss stuff that happens in the world, or what we have done during the day (when I am away at the office). Sometimes we are just quiet together, which is a way of giving too, as we gift each other the silence to process our days, to ‘return to ourselves’, so to speak.

I love the moments that we are quiet together, whether it is that we are sitting somewhere on a terrace having a drink, or when we are in the living room and each doing their own thing. Like at the moment of writing this, CNN is on television, Master T is in his chair scrolling through Twitter and I am at my desk, typing this. The silences are never loaded, but always comfortable.

They say a relationship is all about giving and taking, but I think Master T and I have balanced that out so well, that our we have the giving and taking in perfect balance.

What a gift!

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6 thoughts on “Giving & Gazing

  1. I think it is not only the love your share but the fact u are great friends that means u have so much ease in each others company – wonderful

  2. It’s so rare to see a couple that wants to spend time together, that’s such a shame that it is the norm to speak against a partner. What you have sounds so special and I love reading it. ?

  3. This is how relationships are supposed to be! When you have that trust and comfort level—it just doesn’t get any better. Stay well!

  4. Not only did this make me smile lots but I actually got a little tear in my eye, this truly is just the loveliest way to be x

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