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My best friend? Most definitely that is my husband. Where in the past I said that there are only two people who know everything about me, my husband and my best friend, I think that it has changed subtly over the past few months, maybe two or three years. I still tell my best friend a lot, but due to circumstances we don’t see each other that much currently (she’s caring for her severely disabled father) and when we see each other, there’s just not enough time to tell her everything.

Master T and I were friends from the moment we started talking to each other. From the first moment there was a bond, a feeling of fondness, and that quickly grew into love. We are the typical soulmates you read about in textbooks. We are the annoying couple who finish each other sentences, or if the one thinks about something, the other says it out loud.

Being a friend means that you are each other’s support system, that you can ask for help in the middle of the night, and you will get it. It means that you laugh together, cry together, love together. It means not getting angry when you have different opinions. It means really listening to each other. It means enjoying spending time together. It means doing things together.

Master T is that to me, although he never sheds any tears, but he comforts me during mine. He’s the one I like spending time together. With this lock-down thing due to the corona virus we heard tips on the radio how couples can get through it without harming their relationship, as there are couples who are going stir-crazy spending so much time together. Master T and I literally looked at each other and just shook our heads. Yes, I know, we are very privileged, because we love spending time together.

Maybe it’s because we are dependent on each other while being independent. Does that make sense? I know I can always rely on Master T, the way he knows he can always rely on me. At the same time we give each other the room to be who they are. I am forever writing at my laptop, while Master T loves watching historical documentaries. We do that together, as my desk is in the middle of the living room, and neither of us would want it any other way.

We love doing things together too, like going out on photography day trips (driving from spot to spot), or going out for lunch or dinner, or just a drink. We even do the weekly groceries together, and when we go to bed, we go together.

Still, last year I started taking breaks, and I guess at the same time I gave Master T breaks too. This is not because we were getting tired of each other, or because we didn’t want to spend time together anymore, but only because I needed the breaks away from constantly being in caring mode. As my friend, as my protector, Master T recognized this, and he encouraged me to take those trips. With the current state of the world I have no idea if I will do any of those trips this year, but once I can, I definitely want to travel again, and I might even choose a different destination. Time will tell…

The best thing will be to take a break like this with my best friend, and here I mean Master T. We used to do overnight stays in hotels, and that was a delicious break from our every day life, and I sure hope that this year we can do it again. It’s our fifteenth wedding anniversary in November, and I have already told Master T I want to go to a hotel for a couple of nights. Let’s hope we can!

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8 thoughts on “Best friends & Breaks

  1. It makes perfect sense that you’re dependent on each other while being independent.
    My best friend and I have recently been saying that, if he’s okay, I’m okay and if I’m okay, he’s okay. We’re dependent on each other in the sense that I’m not sure how I’d live my life without him but we function fine completely independently also.
    It’s so wonderful to have a best friend you know you can always depend on and I can imagine it’s comforting to have that in your husband and it is something to chuckle about, when you hear tips on the radio for couples so they don’t go crazy spending so much time together on the radio

  2. I totally understand that feeling when you read about or hear about couples that don’t seem to like spending time together, we do the same thing. Shake our heads. I suspect there will be a number of divorces after the lockdown ends which is a shame.

    Sweetgirl x

    1. I haven’t even thought about the divorces, but indeed, I think many will happen, which IS a shame 🙁

  3. Another lovely post Marie and I agree that it feels lucky to be locked down with someone you ,over and are happy to spend time with ?

  4. As much as I love my wife we both need regular breaks from each other (or maybe rather the routine and responsibilities of daily family life). It is difficult because it both involves us going out. Maybe we should find a way to have a break together…Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. I hope things have calmed down enough by November that you’ll be able to get away together for your anniversary.

    I enjoy spending time with my husband and am very much a homebody, so the lockdown situation doesn’t affect me much. He’s a much more social person though, and while I am still able to go to work (I am “essential personnel”), he’s climbing the walls being stuck at home. We manage all right, but I can understand why folks would find their relationships strained under the current conditions.

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