Fit at home

Bottom line: I am not staying fit. Not at home. Not anywhere.

And that needs to change!

Fitness club

Back in 2018 I signed up for the fitness club, and thoroughly enjoyed going there twice a week. After a couple of months that feeling was gone. The fitness club became a drag, something I didn’t want to do anymore, and which I ended paying for a couple of months more, while not going there. Why did I stop if I enjoyed it so much at first?

When I reflected on my months at the fitness club, I realized the ‘not wanting to go anymore’ coincided with being discharged from therapy. I started going to the fitness club to get away from everything, to lose myself in getting all sweaty and tired, to be alone with my thoughts, to hide my tears in the sweat running from my forehead. I tried to have the physical pain ban out the emotional pain I was feeling. When the emotional pain was dealt with, or at least to such a point where I could handle it better, the fitness club became a place where I didn’t want to go. All I did when I was there was to walk on the treadmill, and I could much rather walk outside, right? And all those stretching exercises I did to warm up? Well, those I could do at home too. Right?


I have tried exercising at home before, and it never worked out for me. Oh, Master T can tell you stories about the Wii balancing board, and the Wii hometrainer, and how we sold all of those again after a couple of weeks, for much less money than we had bought it for. Also about the different kinds of fitness equipment we had in the house, for me to do ‘frequent exercises’. I started out full of enthusiasm, and a couple of weeks later that was gone. Exercising at home just doesn’t work for me.

What works then?

Walking. That’s the only thing that really worked for me, and which I kept doing longer than those exercises at home, and longer than the months I went to the fitness club. To just leave the house, walk to the river, follow the footpath alongside the river for some time and then walk back home. Depending on whether I walk that extra bit it’s a round walk of 3-4 kilometers. That seemed to work for me. But, I also stopped with that some years ago, and never started doing it again, despite the most positive intentions.

Something should change

With this semi lock-down in our country, the constant call to stay at home and not go out, and me working from home, I am not watching what I eat and I move a lot less than I normally do when I go to the office. Sitting here at my desk I tend to make long hours (for work and blogging) and I also tend not to eat the way I would when I go to the office. Ever since the #noEroticon weekend, I haven’t watched what I eat and drink and that in combination with not moving might just be taking its toll. Now I am not eating much more than I used to, but I am eating the wrong things.

This need to change.

It’s the Easter weekend, and we have bought some cake and Easter eggs, as well as a lovely fish-pasta salad for tomorrow. This will be the last ‘wrong’ food I eat, as it’s time for me to get back to the LCHF lifestyle again. As from Tuesday (Monday is still part of the Easter weekend), I will be focusing on eating less carbs, and more protein and fat. And, I want to incorporate some exercise in my week. Maybe if I start with only one walk a week? Maybe it will make it easier to take it up to two walks, or maybe three. I have also thought about buying a set of elastic resistance bands, so I can exercise some of my muscles at home. I just need to make sure such a purchase won’t turn out the same as the equipment I bought before!

So here’s to changing my ways, and get my body back to feeling stronger and healthier again!

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5 thoughts on “Fit at home

  1. Hah. I am an avid gym-exerciser, and the only thing keeping me continuing to work out at home is force of habit. Fortunately we have dogs so we have to get out a couple of times a day to walk. But yeah it’s so so hard to keep up with things when it’s not something you enjoy

    1. Maybe one day I should take a dog so I at least go out for a walk 😉

  2. I did love my Wii balance board and used it a lot. It stopped working before I moved and so I threw it out before the move. Like you, walking is the thing that helps me most. Not just for the exercise itself but also helps clear my mind. Good luck in getting back on track. I’ve been better with eating and exercise this week, less good on eating snacks and drinking wine. Here’s to next week.

  3. I wish you success with your fitness journey. Doing it at home is surprisingly more difficult. I once bought a Bowflex machine with all the bells and whistles. It cost me around $6000 when all was said and done. It was a great machine and I used it in my home sporadically. Then I met my Queen. A few years later we moved in together and there wasn’t room for this machine. Not even in the garage. Eventually I sold it for the amazing sum of $500. It wasn’t more than 4-5 years old and was really just like new.
    Now in this Covid19 world I so wish I had that machine. There is room in the garage now!! lol

    1. I would love to own a rowing machine, but I think it will be the same as with the home trainer. I will use it in the beginning, and then stop… it’s an ongoing struggle, my fitness regime 😉

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