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I guess when you look at the discovering part of our relationship, one journey of discovery we have walked together was when we made our D/s commitment.

Before that commitment, we had already engaged in kinky play, using handcuffs and clamps and Master T knew I loved rough sex. With the commitment a different layer was added to our kinky play. It became more structured, and with it also came rules. But, it wasn’t like we instantly had all the knowledge and knew what the D/s part of our relationship would look like. No, we had to discover it together.

We embarked on the journey together, trying things out and keeping what worked for us, while discarding what didn’t. Master T tested my boundaries, and I loved that he did. He taught me things about myself that I didn’t know, simply because we tried those things together. It took several months for both of us to work through the frenzy — Dom and sub frenzy — and to come to a point where we knew: this is our relationship and these are the things we are happy with, and which we will continue to do.

Another part of our discovery together was allowing others into our relationship. Here we kept to one base rule: we are always together. We are not poly, and where in the past I said we are ‘monogamish‘, I now know we are actually monogamous, but also kinky. Master T loves watching me with others, and to have play dates with others meant that he could do just that. Allowing others to fuck me is part of our kink, a kink I greatly enjoy. I love feeling someone pounding in me, while looking at Master T and seeing the horniness in his eyes, knowing that I am his even when pleasured by someone else.

I have touched on dating here when mentioning play dates, and sadly play dates is something we haven’t done for quite some time. I believe the last was in 2016, before Master T’s health issues started. But, we are both still keen to have play dates again, and who knows, maybe in a year or two we will actually be able to do so. It all depends on Master T’s health.

In the meantime, we still have dates. We have our lunch dates with those special people we have met over the years, some of whom we had sexy times with, and others who have just become friends over the years. We love our lunch dates, love seeing the people and catching up with each other’s lives while being able to talk about any subject under the sun, and yes, kink too.

But, Master T and I also date each other. We do so at least once a week. It actually became a habit to go out for lunch after we have done our weekly grocery shopping on a Saturday. Sadly, now with the corona crisis, all restaurants have closed. I am sure we will appreciate those dates even more once we can start going out on them again.

Speaking of going out for dinner or lunch, back in May 2019 Master T and I spent our 3-week holiday by going out on day photography trips, and when we do, we always go to restaurants close to the photography venues we frequent. We are creatures of habit which means we return to places we have been to before, and we always go to the same restaurants. However, in May 2019 we decided to do it differently: we looked for other restaurants to go to. We discovered a couple of nice places, but also went to places where, once back outside, we said we would never go there again. At one restaurant we sat down, looked at the menu, and decided to leave after we had our drinks as there was nothing on the menu that interested either of us.

We have another holiday coming up in May, and if the current semi lock-down is extended, or even changed to a full lock-down, that holiday might look a lot different than last year’s. I think we will still be able to go out on photography trips, but the restaurants might still be closed, which means we will just have to pack our own food, right? I think then we will just have to focus on finding nice places where we can have our food and drink outside, overlooking a nice scenery. A different journey of discovery…

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
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5 thoughts on “Discover & Date

  1. It might be really nice to bring your own food and make it a picnic, something different I guess? A once in a lifetime opportunity because no one would ever take the effort to do this for every single outing otherwise!
    The photography trips sound really wonderful

    1. The trips are really wonderful. We both have good cameras, and quite a bit of knowledge of photography, which makes it fun to ‘talk shop’ during the trips. And a picnic sounds like a good idea!

  2. You sound really creative in terms of your dating and it seems like a lovely part of your relationship. I think that we could learn a lot form this as we tend to stay in far too much so you have given me some ideas. Thank you ?

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