An Open Heart

Have you heard the story of the rose
That blooms in the night?
Without the sun’s presence
She grew from her own light
She did not yearn for
His warmth on her petals
For she knew she held the power
To radiate light from within
Though she had strong thorns
Her heart was always open
For those with an open heart
Can never be broken.
~ Allie Michelle

Sometimes what is hidden is more visible than you realize…

© Rebel’s Notes

19 thoughts on “An Open Heart

  1. Oh Marie . . . I’ve loved so many of your photos over the years, but this must surely be my new fav.
    There is just something about the framing, the tone, the teasing sensuality.
    Just wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. I know there are plenty of S&M-ophiles around Sinful Sunday, but I hope to fuck that’s a thornless rose!
    (And it adds an entirely new angle to the term deflowering.)

  3. I love this picture, the delicate colours and the way the roses are positioned to become part of you. The poem you have chosen has really made me think. I had not heard it before but I love what it is saying and it is important to remember that an inner strength can come from a purity of heart. ?

    1. This is the first time I heard this poem too, and was simply looking for a quote about roses. This poem just seemed to fit me like a glove. Glad you liked it 🙂

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