No Consent: Roxanne and Barbara (part 1)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Roxanne and Barbara (part 1)
April 1994

Continued from… Getting to know them

“I was cleaning our flat when Fred said that he had to do some odd jobs in the caravan we had at the time. I was so glad he left the house, because he was just getting in my way while I was busy. With him out of the way, I was done quite quickly and I decided to make some coffee. As you know by now, Fred is always in the mood for coffee,” she laughed, “so I decided to bring him a cup too. Up to today, I can hardly describe what went through me when I opened the door of the caravan. The scene in front of me was, to say the least, weird. On the table of the caravan was Roxanne, naked, with her legs resting on Fred’s shoulders. Fred was naked too. He was fucking her, but of course, they stopped ‘mid-air’ and both looked at me. Seconds felt like hours. And what do you think happened then?”

Fran stopped talking. Annie thought it was a rhetorical question, but she was wrong. The woman looked at her curiously, obviously waiting for an answer.
“They stopped?” Annie guessed and Fran laughed.
“No. Fred slowly continued to fuck Roxanne and said: what are you looking at. Close the door. I was too startled to think and just closed the door. Not long after that, we were divorced. Fred wanted to marry Roxanne. He moved in with her.”
It was quiet for a while, before Fran continued again.

“About three months after our divorce, my father was admitted to the hospital. I didn’t have a car to go there, so I asked Fred to take me to the hospital. When we returned from the hospital, I felt compelled to invite him in for a cup of coffee. The conversation we had turned out to be a serious one. Fred admitted that the grass on the other side was not as green as he thought it would be. Also, we still deeply loved each other. Fred stayed the night, went back to get his stuff from Roxanne’s house and shortly after that we were married for the second time,” Fran ended her recollection of what happened.
“What was Roxanne’s reaction when Fred left her?” Annie asked.
“She accepted it. She even became a good friend of mine, but not for long, because she died.”
“Oh?” Annie was surprised. “What happened?”

“Roxanne was, so Fred told me, at work early every morning. She was always the first one to be in the office. However, one morning, she wasn’t there and she didn’t call. They couldn’t reach her either. Her desk was in the back corner of the office. She had big sheets of brown paper around the sides and the front of her desk so no one could look under it, or rather, under the short skirt she wore. It was almost time for the first coffee break when they found her. Someone needed a document, which they thought might be on her desk. She was on the floor behind her desk — dead. The coroner’s report said that she died of a fatal heart attack. That then, was the definite end of Fred’s first extra-marital affair.”

For some time it was quiet between the women. Fred, who had left while Fran was talking, joined them again. Fran refilled their glasses with champagne and orange juice and started talking again.
“Fred also had an affair with Barbara. But he got tired of having to keep it a secret, so he invited her to come and live with us.”
“Oh,” was all Annie could bring herself to say. Why did she only now hear about this? She thought she was in such a unique situation. She didn’t understand her own disappointment at them having been in this kind of circumstances before. Fran didn’t notice that Annie was slightly upset.

“Yes, we bought a house not far from where we lived. It was quite big, with a big garden and a big party area. We loved to entertain. For an extra income, Fred used to repair televisions and radios. While he followed a training for this, he met Barbara. She was divorced, and they started an affair. Fred was away from home quite a lot and I suspected that he was being unfaithful again. Before I could confront him with anything, he got tired of his double life. He told me about his affair with her and at the same time, he convinced me that Barbara should come and live with us. He said that he didn’t want to lose either of us. I knew that this was the only way to have him with me, so I agreed. Barbara and her two kids moved in with us.”

Fred interrupted his wife to complete the story.

To be continued… Roxanne and Barbara (part 2)

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  1. That is such a crazy life! There is no way I could live like that! But is such a great story Marie! Cant wait to see what happens!!!

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