Lock-down Lust

In the past two months I have written 100 word stories using special words. This month, I haven’t written any erotic fiction, while it was one of my goals for this year – to write at least one piece of erotic fiction a month. Since I have experienced how hard it is to write a story in 100 words, and I love the challenge, I wanted to do it again. And since the third round of the Smut Marathon is all about masturbation and voyeur stories this week, and some writers have written stories set in this craziness the world is living in now, I wrote something similar; something that got stuck in my mind a couple of days ago. It still took me a while to edit it down to 100 words, and to be happy with what I present you below.


Lock-down Lust

In the second year of the lock-down since the virus isolated everyone in their homes, Ruth found her own precious moments of freedom. Between hourly drone controls, on sunny mid-days she slipped out and sneaked to the woods, disappearing between high trees. Months ago she found a spot, surrounded by wild underbrush, where she had cleared a hidden space in its midst.

Stripped bare-naked, breasts round and nipples hard, she lay in the warm soothing rays of the sun. Fingers pinched tender flesh; others worked her wanton wetness — her quiet orgasms are fulfilling and weirdly normal in an abnormal world.

Image by S B from Pixabay
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8 thoughts on “Lock-down Lust

  1. I’m glad I have my own precious moments of freedom, but I sure hope this doesn’t last two years! Nice erotic piece!

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