#LCHF 21: Two months in

Continued from… #LCHF 20: Finally!

Since the prompt for Wicked Wednesday this week is curves, I thought it would be a good time to do an update on my current weight loss journey, which started in all earnest in January 2020, two months ago this week. Back in the second half of 2016 I discovered the #LCHF way of living, and followed it partly because of the fructose intolerance I have been diagnosed with, and partly because I wanted to lose weight. When I turned 50 in February 2017 I was a at a weight where I felt sexy and healthy, even though I was still overweight.

Because I ate my emotions away, when mom got sick and passed away, I gained back all the weight I had lost. Many times I tried to get back into the #LCHF lifestyle, but I lacked the drive. Until this year. I don’t know where it came from, but suddenly there it was: the conviction to stick to this diet again.

Within a week the discomfort I always had in my tummy as gone.

The first week I lost 2 kilograms.

This gave me hope to carry on, and just like that, it succeeded.

Up to my birthday this year, I have lost 7 kilograms, and have been stuck on that number ever since, because of the cake I have eaten. I know the numbers will start moving again, but think it will only happen after our weekend in London (our flight is tomorrow), when I am really strict about what I eat again.

However, there are some numbers that are still moving. I am down quite some centimeters on my waist, as well as on my hips. For the past three weeks I thought I could see that in the mirror, but of course it could also have been wishful thinking. However, I think the images below confirm these numbers:

Weight loss: 7 kilograms – 15,4 pounds – 1.1 stone
Over breast: 1 centimeter – 0,39 inch
Under breast: 4 centimeters – 1,57 inch
Waist: 7 centimeters – 2,76 inch
Hips: 7 centimeters – 2,76 inch
Thighs: 3 centimeters – 1,18 inch

It makes me happy that I can already see a difference, not only here, but also in the mirror.

I am proud. Like I said, my weight loss has stopped since my birthday, and I know it will also hover around the same number for the week after we were in London, and possibly a week or two after. But then, once all the ‘temptations’ are behind us, I can concentrate on good food again, and doubling the numbers above. I have a specific goal in mind, but have given myself the entire year to reach that goal. I am less strict than I was back in 2016, because life is too short to deny one all the nice things, while people around you are enjoying it. The most important thing of all is that I feel better, healthier. No more tummy aches, and when I look in the mirror, it makes me smile!

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8 thoughts on “#LCHF 21: Two months in

  1. Wow you are doing so well and it ,use be great to see these results. I did a similar thing for a while but ended up stopping it. I did see a difference but not as much as you so maybe I needed to try harder. Go you and I hope that you have a lovely weekend ?

    1. At this moment, ever since we went to London, I am not eating well, so hope I am not undoing all that I have achieved. It’s not that I eat much, but I eat the wrong things. Once I feel better, I will get back to the LCHF too xox

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