Health is precious

I have always been rather lucky with my health, as there was never something major wrong. As a child my tonsils were removed, and when I was five I was hospitalized because I had yellow jaundice. At the age of almost 25, because of growths in my uterus and other related problems, my uterus was removed. Three years later I lost a lot of weight and had a tummy tuck. Oh and, somewhere between the hysterectomy and the tummy tuck, I had two moles removed that the dermatologist didn’t trust, but none of them were malignant. Also somewhere in the same time frame, I learned that I am highly allergic to horses, to the point that I get an asthma attack when I am close to them, and this has once more been confirmed when I had allergy tests done in November 2019.

Nothing major really happened in my life, health-wise, but of course there were times that I had the flu, or the time I hurt my foot, and some recurring infections that I had to go to the doctor. Another thing that made me go to the doctor was when I was suffering from frequent nausea and tummy aches, and after a long period where I was tested and went to a dietitian, the diagnoses was that I have a fructose intolerance, something I have written about before. When the diagnosis was given, I changed the way I ate, cutting out most of the carbs, and it helped. But, since I eat my emotions away, I started eating carbs again, and was back to the nausea and tummy aches, but I ignored it. I also ignored the weight I have gained.

What do I do to stay/get healthy?

In the second week of January I finally managed to get back to the a LCHF lifestyle, something I have tried many times over the past years. I am proud to say that I am finally starting to see the results from this. It’s slow, but its there. I log my food and progress on My Fitness Pal and make wise choices regarding food, also when we go out for lunch or dinner. I don’t really look at the calories, but do try not to get too high on that for the day. My main focus is to keep my carbs to a maximum of 10% of my daily intake. This keeps my tummy happy, and consequently keeps me happy.

At this moment I am doing absolutely nothing with regards to sports. I used to go to the gym, but stopped with that months ago. I want to go out walking again, even if it’s only three times a week for half an hour, but I think this will only happen when the days get longer and the weather better. I don’t want to go back to the gym again.

To me all of this is a combination of feeling good, being healthy AND losing weight. I know I am overweight, and I have been for far too long, and I know this is not good. I want to be at a healthy weight, and the goal in mind will still mean I am overweight, but it’s a weight at which I feel comfortable, and think I look good. I never want to be super skinny again (no offense to anyone who is, as I know how hard it is to gain weight — we have a daughter that takes supplementary foods under the care of a dietitian to gain weight).

How important is sleep and rest?

There was a time when I would work at the laptop from the moment I returned home from work until we go to bed. Since somewhere towards the end of 2019, I changed that. My cut-off time is 8.30pm, but mostly I move my bottom to the couch roundabout 8pm. Master T and I watch a Neftflix series together for an hour to an hour and a half and then we go to bed. In bed we talk or check our phones and watch a bit of television before we go to sleep. This downtime is very important to me, as I need it to clear my head. If I don’t, my sleep will be bad, and the next day will be terrible. Something else I do, is to have a lie in at least twice a week, mostly on the Wednesday (our off day from work) and once on the weekend. Sometimes a lie in is getting up just an hour after I would normally be up, and sometimes I get hours of extra sleep.

It’s not only my head that’s cleared when I take my rest into account, but I do believe that enough sleep also helps the body to rest, to get rid of whatever stresses has nestled in the fibers of your muscle, and on top of that good sleep improves your choices for good food, and good food improves your sleep.

Cheating allowed

I am happy that I have my focus back for a healthy lifestyle, but I still cheat with food. I have one cheat day every week, which is the Saturday, as I then allow myself something nice. Sometimes it will be a piece of cake, other times it will be a snack, and I always have at least two coffees with lots of milk. On my cheat days I don’t eat the one ‘wrong’ thing after the other but keep in mind to make proper choices, despite knowing I am eating things that can cause tummy ache. I believe that as long as I am sensible about these choices, it will have the least negative effect, but will make it ‘bearable’ to keep to my diet in the week to come.

Just as a side note, I don’t hate the diet. I am never hungry, and I eat some very nice things, but every girl craves a piece of cake or chocolate every now and then, right?!

Happy and healthy

I am relatively healthy, and happy that through changing my lifestyle I will be and feel healthier still. Yes, there are still some things I should change, like add some more movement to my days, but as it is now, I am definitely not unhappy, and have nothing to complain about, when it comes to my health. Yes, with age there are some things that play up, but those are handled as they happen, and definitely not something to complain about. Here’s to keeping my health as it is, and even improving it! Health is incredibly precious, and we take it for granted far too easily.

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3 thoughts on “Health is precious

  1. I think it wise to have a cheat day – means it is easier to stick to the rules on other days. I am trying to drink less – my eating habits are good – but i am finding not having wine with dinner difficult
    And i so agree – health is indeed precious xx

  2. It sounds like you are striking the right balance. Something I have learned is if this kind of LCHF Diet is going to last then it needs to be manageable. So a cheat day is definitely allowed. Thank you for linking up to my new meme Marie xx

  3. Sleep hygiene is something I started to make a priority a few months ago. Going to bed earlier and having some downtime before is important but very difficult for a nervous person like me. I used to get up at 6am and switch on my computer immediately for work. Thing is I work from home so I could start at any time I please or take naps after lunch.

    I am happy for you that you got back into your LCHF. Health is just so important.

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