Future of Sex – Chat with Your Favorite Cam Model in Virtual Reality

The future of sex is something that’s always being undecided. Talking to a sex worker from a hundred years ago is going to be a completely different conversation than talking to a modern one. The sexual landscape has gone through innumerable innovations in even the past decade. Where men and women use to have only phone sex as an engagement, they now have sex cams. They can be thought of as the cutting edge of sex work and second only to the real thing in terms of physical contact. When you factor in the things you can’t do without the threat of disease and law enforcement, it’s clear that camming is the real winner. It’s certainly not a stagnant field, either. Companies from all over the world are constantly innovating its vey concepts. You’re not simply watching a stripper from the comfort of your own home. The things you can do are practically endless.

Interactive Sex Toys are the Linchpin

To understand where the camming world is going, we have to understand where it currently sits. A few years ago, shows would revolve around models using their sex toys on themselves in private shows. Then tipping would become a mainstay and see the rise of the public show. Men and women can tip specific amounts to see the model do specific things. Then came the interactive sex toys. These revolutionized camming down to its very foundation. The model no longer used her sex toys on herself. Now it was the viewers doing. Tipping specific amounts would control the toys in different ways. It was as close to having sex with the cam models as anyone could get and it was good. The sex toys and the things they do are constantly evolving and improving the cam experience. Now we’re heading straight in the next big innovation.

VR and Being There

The one drawback of a cam show is that you’re all alone for it. You’re typing to your model and watching them on your screen. It feels like you’re hundreds of miles removed from them because you are. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. The growth of the virtual reality industry is changing the way that we do everything. It’s not something that’s just for the hardcore gamer. Companies from around the world are handing out VR cameras to the biggest cam models on the internet. The hope is that they can popularize them and all of the benefits that they offer. All the viewer needs is a headset to feel like they’re right in the room with the cam model. They can look around all they want and sit right in front of the action. The model can interact with the camera just like it’s the person they’re playing with. The model can whisper into their ear, lean in for a kiss, and stare right into the viewer’s eyes at the height of the action. That viewer can be setting off those interactive sex toys while all of this is going on for the next big evolution since sex itself.

Try it for Yourself

All it really takes to realize the importance of VR cam shows is trying one out for yourself. There are more and more models offering them every single day. All it takes is a camera on their end and a headset on yours. Most of them even let you use the VR on a phone or browser. Give it a shot whenever you want to become a part of the next step in the future of sex as we know it. You’ll never regret it.

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