The pitfalls of eating out

I am writing this as I sit in the lobby of the Holiday Inn in Camden, during the Eroticon (which has been cancelled) weekend. Before we came here I had already calculated in that this will be a weekend of indulgence, and I was right.

But, at the same time it was different than before.

How it was before

In the past, whenever we went out for dinner, or were away for a weekend (where we frequently go out for both lunch and dinner), I would order what I like. Mostly this was the biggest piece of meat I could find (yes, I definitely am a meat eater!), fries, veggies, and preferably round it all of with a nice dessert. Oh and of course, one or two glasses of wine to go with it. Many times — most times — after dinner I would feel stuffed and uncomfortable, both from eating too much but also from eating the wrong things.

Then, the next time we would go out… I do it all again.

So many times after feeling like this, I used those ‘famous last words’ when I told Master T that ‘next time I am not going to eat so much, I hate feeling like this’. But, then next time came, and I just did it again. I didn’t seem to learn my lesson, and it almost seemed like I was afraid to miss out on something, which each time made me eat more than I knew I should.

How it is now

Ever since I restarted my LCHF journey, I am finding that I make better choices. True, every Saturday I allow myself something extra, something ‘wrong’, and in a weekend like this I treat all days the same I would treat a ‘normal’ Saturday – I allow myself to eat or drink the ‘wrong’ things.

But, something has also changed…

I make better choices.

Delicious pork belly dinner…

We still go out for lunches and dinners, and I still order my meat, but I ask the restaurant to keep the fries and give me veggies or a salad instead. I have not encountered one restaurant yet which said it’s not possible to do that. Also, sometimes I choose to eat the carbs, but when I do so, I do it only with one meal. I know my body can’t handle too many carbs, so if I would eat carbs for both lunch and dinner, I know by the end of the day I will be nauseous and my tummy would ache.

Now, I am in no way perfect with this, as I still make mistakes. I love drinking coffee with lots of milk (which is carbs), but I can’t handle more than two of those on a day. It makes it difficult, as I LOVE my coffee, and sometimes I just order a third. And that’s when the problems start, especially when I then also eat something with carbs. So what I am trying now is to order only ONE cup of coffee, thoroughly enjoy it, and drink tea from there on.

It’s not easy

I have always said that in no way I want to be busy with food all the time. But, I have also come to the conclusion that if I am not busy with making conscious choices all the time, I will always be in some kind of discomfort. I need to be aware of what I put in my mouth, need to listen to what my body tells me, and when I do feel discomfort, choose for the food and drinks that won’t make me feel worse. It’s easy to go back to ignoring the fructose intolerance, to accept the tummy ache, and other discomforts to be part of my life, and to continue abusing my body eating and drinking the wrong things.

I have done that for years before I started on LCHF the first time in 2016, and I did it again in 2018 and 2019. This year things changed, and I besides getting back to losing weight again, I want to teach myself to always make conscious choices, to put the well-being of my body at the top of my priorities. This is a learning school, and I will make mistakes, but as long as I return to the being conscious of my intake, I am sure in general I will reach my goals.

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12 thoughts on “The pitfalls of eating out

  1. What’s on your plate is very important, almost as important as the company you’re sitting at the table with.

  2. Sooo tough. I don’t also do the best when times are stressful about picking correctly. If I’m on vacation? Forget it. I usually compensate by exercising more. But when I do try to make good choices? I also don’t have issues with bloating and keep my weight under control. Sometimes I admit I let exercise keep me level even though I know eating better would be better. Good luck to you as you carry on.

  3. You know, I like that, making conscious choices. It is okay to sometimes slip and allow yourself to eat what your apetite tells you. But it is possible to eat healthily and well, even when being at a restaurant. It is all about having the guts and asking for leaving the carbs out, for instance.

    1. I love that I now have this thing more or less figured out and can make informed choices 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the good choices you did make! I think I have mentioned before that my Kitten and I are eating a “Bright Lines” food plan where we not only watch portions but set bright lines “DO NOT CROSS” around sugar and flour. Doing this I have not only lost weight but also inches and my beer gut that hasn’t budged in years is dwindling. If I can stay bright it will be flat with definition for the first time, ever.

    I am a cheater and a liar. This last ten days I had the best success ever. I was on my back for most of a week with crutches for mobility. Last week. Got limited mobility back and the last couple of days am walking with my boot protector almost as well as normal.

    And we both, Kitten and I crossed the lines and have eaten our feelings for the last two days. Frozen custard, deep dish pizza, and wine. This morning I bought and ate 5 of 6 donuts on my way to work.

    This will all show on my belly in the next two days. I have to get back on track and support my Kitten in doing the same. The have to finally set the example. She does not have the Will after a three night shift managing and treating an Emergency Room full of sick or infected people. (For those not following along, my Lover is an Emergency Medicine Doctor)

    I understand your struggle but I also understand your great success! You have turned the corner on eating Choices. Not giving into old desires is the hardest thing when no one but yourself is holding you accountable. Strong Work! Recognized by someone who is a fellow struggler.
    Be well, wash often, maintain your distance while loving fiercely when able.

    1. I have to say that this week I am not at my best with my diet either. I am a bit under the weather, and then tend to eat much less, or eat the ‘wrong’ things. I will get back to the diet though, soon!

  5. It’s a tricky business, managing food for whatever purpose. I’ve got a couple of health issues that can be helped by careful food choices, but I’ve got to say the best choice I’ve made has been to cook all our own meals. We eat out maybe a dozen times a year at most. As a result, I’m infinitely more likely to eat what I know I should. It is time-consuming, however, and I appreciate that not everybody has that option. As Missy says, your willpower seems to be working, and I believe willpower is the key. More power to you! 🙂

  6. I also made better choices (when it came to food) this weekend. I had a burger with no bun, though I had fries and salad, I had meat with no fries / potatoes etc. I’ve found it is easy to navigate so long as you are in the right kind of restaurant. I also like that cutting down on carbs means I am less bloated.

    1. I too had a burger without bun in the weekend, and am amazed at how many restaurants in the UK do have healthy choices. I wish more Dutch restaurants would do it too.

  7. I sometimes wish that my body would follow what my mind wants it to do but it seems that physically I am pretty tolerant even to bad choices! A migraine now from alcohol but that is about it. I think my feelings are more psychological but I do use them to motivate me too. I am glad that you have found something which is working for you and it sounds like you have great willpower at the moment. ❤️

    1. My willpower is a bit less now I am under the weather, but will definitely return <3

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