I must be crazy…

… because I have decided that this year I am going to participate in the A to Z Challenge again. I wasn’t planning to, but then it was mentioned in the past weekend and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. I tried to dismiss it, really I did, but before long I found myself searching A-B-C words for different ideas I had in mind, and once I had settled on this idea, I couldn’t let it go anymore.

I wanted to do it!


Since I have a couple of posts scheduled ahead, the first I had to do is to reschedule those posts to a later date. This means I am yet again interrupting my No Consent series, just as I have done for February Photo Fest. When the series restart it will be published twice a week, on Monday and Thursday, as otherwise it’s going to run for the next ten years.

Part of my preparation was also to move posts around on my Excel sheet, the one I have been using since I started my blog more than ten years ago. I will probably do some additional posts too in the next month, if I can’t fit them in with the theme I have chosen. This means it might be a busy month on my blog, which also meant that I started writing the moment I had made the decision. I am all for scheduling ahead.

Oh, and the last part of my preparation was to officially sign up for the A to Z Challenge 2020. If you want to join the challenge, you have up to 5 April to sign up!

Previous years

I started doing the A to Z Challenge back in 2014. The planning was to do it every year, but I skipped it in 2019 because I was just too busy (which I still am — hence saying I must be crazy!) and I couldn’t think of a theme for the month.

I wasn’t prepared at all in 2014 and literally decided on the first of the month to participate in the challenge. That year I wrote posts, and sometimes I decided on a word before I wrote it, sometimes after. Obviously I decided to be a lot more prepared in the years to come!

For this year I had a theme — I wanted to concentrate on photos, as it also tapped into one of the goals I had on my list of 101 things in 1001 days (maybe I should go even more crazy and do such a list again…?!) Looking at the photos I shared during April 2015, I remember how much fun we had creating some of them!

Kink… yes, that was my theme for 2016. I wanted to concentrate on things we had come across during our five years of kink. It was nice addressing some of the things we have learned and tried along the way.

My February Photofest of this years included a bit of history of the previous years of my blog, and for the A to Z Challenge of 2017 I had decided to do the same.

This year I was totally at loss for a theme, and eventually copped out by just taking words from my normal post, starting with the letter of the day and look at the meaning of those words. It worked…

This year’s theme

Like I said in the beginning, once I settled on my idea for a theme for this years A to Z challenge, I couldn’t let it go anymore. At first I thought to do something with mental health topics, but I don’t feel qualified to write about that. My thoughts moved to ‘feelings’, which lead to relationships… and that’s my theme for this year’s A to Z Challenge. I am going to write about my own relationship, and maybe some other relationships too!

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10 thoughts on “I must be crazy…

  1. When people suggested doing February Photofest I was like… this is crazy and now you’re saying you’re going to do A-Z and post every day for a month minus Sundays?? Very impressive and I look forward to what you’ll come up with each day!

    1. It might get boring for others quite quickly, as I am going to write about my relationship, but it’s something I look forward to do 🙂 xox

      1. Something makes me want to but it also makes what I post forced in a certain direction so I’m not sure. It ends up being all I do. I’d rather do one a week ?

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