Watching her…

I watch as she reaches for the webcam, positioning it to show her naked tits and laced-covered cunt.

Am I the only one watching? How many others has she invited?

Her round breasts look soft and tempting; her big pierced nipples begging to be licked and pinched. The curves of her body lead my eyes to her lace knickers, to what she is hiding between her legs.

Will she show me — us — more than just this?

She leans back, runs her hands over the sides of her body, just not touching her breasts, and continuing down the outer side if her thighs, and out of the range of the camera. I hold my breath when her hands appear in site again, on the insides of her thighs. She runs her fingers on either side of her crotch, and following the middle line of her body, they touch between her breasts. Teasingly, she runs wide circles all around her tits, following the natural line of her flesh. Her nipples are hard, big and inviting.

And needy.

Grabbing hold of her nipples she pinched and pulled, leaning closer to the camera as she stretches her flesh. Once she lets go, her hands grab and squeeze her breasts, while her hips roll forward and back, pushing her cunt against the stool she sits on.

Everything on my screen shows her want. Her need. Her lust.

One hand cups her pussy, but urgency demands her to push her hand inside the knickers, to run her fingers through her wetness. The lace hides what she’s doing, but my imagination fills in the blanks, until it doesn’t have to anymore. She pulls aside the lacy garment, and while two fingers open her labia to expose her wetness, another draws circles around the hard button at the top.

She leans back, opening her legs wider, and I watch from the moment she slips two fingers inside herself, until her cunt tightens and twitches in orgasm.

I watch as she reaches for the webcam where I watch on one of the best discreet and safest webcam sites, and the last image I see before the screen goes black is that of her naked tits and satisfied cunt.

Naked and needy…

© Rebel’s Notes

17 thoughts on “Watching her…

  1. I enjoyed this so much rebel. I guess that makes me a voyeur but I love to hear of a woman takeing control of her own pleasure. I’d be watching your face to watch your expressions if you actually went through with it❤?

  2. I love this Rebel, it’s a very erotic short. Great use of the reader’s imagination as well as yours! The details are well placed as are the blanks and it was very visual – your picture to accompany the words is gorgeous, very fitting, you have such a lovely lacy underwear collection.

  3. I really really like this theme. You wrote it really well. I could picture it, imagine the narrator’s desires and wants even though these are not ones I personally have

  4. Is that fact or fiction Rebel? Whichever it is, it’s very erotic and charged! I dont use those words but…they fit here!!! Thank you!

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