Two Fingers

The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well.
~ Sigmund Freud
Two fingers found my wetness…

Saturday evening.

I had an early rise the next morning, having a photo date with my daughter to one of the biggest cities in the country. We wanted to leave early, to catch some of the morning light. Mostly when we go to bed, we go together, but since Master T could have a lie in the next morning, he decided to stay downstairs, so I went to bed alone.

Now, knowing I had to go to sleep, but having had a wonderful day with my husband, filled with love and companionship, I was still buzzing when I lay in bed alone. Not only buzzing, but some parts of me were tingling and demanding attention.

My hand lowered to my naked crotch, my fingers brushing my labia ever so lightly, and two fingers slipping between them to find my wetness. For a moment I thought about rubbing myself to orgasm, but then reached for my Womanizer, wanting to not only feel the intense sucking, but also watch porn.

Positioning the Womanizer over my clit in the lowest setting, I sighed as the buzz filled my loins, and reached for my phone. I typed ‘anal fingering’, select one of the results and searched for a video. I quickly found one which started out as a massage, and him slipping a finger inside to give her an intense anal massage. By now I have turned the Womanizer up to the third setting. I had the toy trapped between the duvet and my body, and moved my hips up and down to alternate the sensations, while my eyes were fixed on the screen.

Soon I turned over on my tummy, my body half on Master T’s side of the bed, half on mine, and I ‘rode’ my toy (which I have quickly upped one setting) and as the man on the screen dropped his pants to offer his dick to the woman, while he still fingered her ass, my orgasm built inside me. Before either of them reached a climax, I was done, and turned off the video, carefully removed the toy from my deliciously sensitive and pulsing clit and with a smile I switched off the light to finally go to sleep.

That was my second orgasm of 2020.

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