From Soft to Warm

I vow to still grab your butt, even when you’re old and wrinkly.
~ Unknown

I was looking for a quote to add to this image, and came across the above. It made me smile, remembering the hugs I had from Master T this past weekend, and how he grabbed my bottom and said that nothing will be left of it after I have lost the weight I am trying to lose. I assured him that even if I lose it all, my butt will always be there for him to grab, and I can totally see him still grabbing it when we are indeed old and wrinkly.

For Thursdays, I am following the example of others, and it’s something I have done once before for February Photofest, which is to dedicate Thursday to images I have posted before. I am using the same images, but editing them in a slightly different way, to give them a different feel.

An image of my bottom wearing knickers and a soft focus filter over it.
I present to you: my soft ass!

On 2 June 2019 I posted the above image, Soft Ass, for the Sinful Sunday prompt which was ‘soft focus’. Where I love how that image was edited, I wanted to see what else I could do with the image. Instead of the soft focus I used before, I have now edited the image adjusting the lighting, the temperature and using the presetting ‘warm shadows’.

And now I present to you: my warm bottom (although I would love to have it warmed in a different way!)

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3 thoughts on “From Soft to Warm

  1. Omy. When I saw the first I was like, this looks so good and as I scrolled down, a little unaware that there’d be a second picture, though the title kind of hints at that, it went to, okay wow, that’s incredible!
    Maybe it’s just my preference for warmer colours, but it looks very pretty and inviting. Though I really like that you have both here, especially with the title from soft to warm

  2. I see no reason for you to lose weight to try & conform to society’s idea of the perfect body. I find great enjoyment watching big beautiful women. My slave/sub has a decently plump butt that is very much fun to turn rosy red. She occasionally uses the flogger & sends pictures to me during the day just to make sure I know she enjoys it.

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