Rainbow Socks

It’s Throwback Thursday again, and once more I looked through images I have shared for Sinful Sunday, searching for one I can edit differently than what I have shared before. My eye fell on ‘Peachy‘ an image that is slightly overexposed, not because of the edit, but because when I did the photo shoot in our bedroom, I only discovered afterwards that my camera settings were slightly off.

My slightly overexposed, peachy bottom.

Using my newly learned editing skills, I played around with temperature and contrast, and a couple of other settings. I also left more of the image, only cutting off part of the right and bottom sides of the image, but leaving more on the left side to show the background I used then. This was actually a fleece blanket I attached to our closet using photo clamps. I think when I did this photo shoot I was already so tired of being busy for an hour setting up the background stand in our bedroom, and then after the photo shoot being busy for another hour getting everything out of the bedroom again. It’s SO nice to have the photo studio now, where I can go to, snap a couple of photos and be back downstairs in half an hour!

To be honest, I like the colors in this image a lot more and also the fact that you can see the background. And… I need to remember NOT to wear knickers when I want to do a photo shoot. I mean… just look at those lines!

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3 thoughts on “Rainbow Socks

  1. There is no such thing as an overexposed butt. Your butt needs more exposure. I like the wider crop of the second edit but I also prefer the cooler color temperature on the first one. The fleece blanket makes for a nice background though…makes everything soft and warm and almost cuddly. Well done!

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