My Rotterdam

I like it, Rotterdam, much better than Amsterdam which is too much like a postcard. It’s too cute for me. Rotterdam is more real, it’s got a stomach.
~ Nan Goldin

Rotterdam – my most favorite city in the world!

I am sure I have mentioned that somewhere on this blog before. Rotterdam! Every morning when I drive to work, I drive around the north side, crossing the Brienenoord Bridge, and as I do, I look towards the city. On dark, misty mornings, the city is gone. On summer mornings, the high rise buildings and the Erasmus Bridge invites you to come closer. On clear winter days, the lights of the same buildings make me wonder just what happens there, whether people are getting ready to go to work, or whether they are here on holiday and looking out the window to see the city come to life. Sometimes there’s a rainbow in the sky, hugging the beauty of the bricks forming Rotterdam, and other times the rain hides some of the city’s truths.

As much as I love to see the city when I cross the bridge, I love it even more to go to the city, to be in it. My most favorite part of it is Kop van Zuid, a place where we would love to live, but it’s impossibly expensive. There are hotels (one of which we stayed in when we were married for ten years, and hopefully we can return there this year when we celebrate fifteen years), and restaurants, the cruise terminal where even the biggest cruise ships of the world dock, and a beautiful view over the river, and the Erasmus Bridge. If you walk across the bridge, you have a wonderful view towards Kop van Zuid, with the iconic Hotel New York as one of the most beautiful landmarks, filled with the history of Rotterdam and the Holland-America line.

As I have decided the Fridays of February Photofest will be dedicated to ‘double exposure‘ images, below you see an image of me in my photo studio, merged with an image of Kop van Zuid, taken from across the river. If you look closely, you can spot Hotel New York, one of our favorite spots of Rotterdam!

My Rotterdam…

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  1. Very cool image! I’m not talented enough with photography to do this, but I love when other people do these very interesting things! Looks like it should be an album cover or something.

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