Masturbation Studio

Back when I did my planning for 2020, one of the goals I put in there was to have at least one photo shoot a month. The reason I did this was because I knew I would get used to having a photo studio and weeks might go by without using it. I didn’t want that to happen, since I had been wanting a dedicated place of photos for so long. There I was, on a lazy Sunday, when I grabbed my camera and my phone, and went to the attic room for a photo shoot. February had just started, but I needed more images.

I had taken a couple of photos and noticed that I was feeling hot. Hot because of all the moving around, undressing and redressing in different pieces of lingerie, but also another kind of hot. A horny kind of hot. An idea formed in my head, and soon I found myself down in our bedroom, finding the items I ‘needed’.

Back in my studio, I got back in front of the camera. My Womanizer, glass dildo and lube was just out of sight, but close enough for me to reach. I snapped a couple of shots more before allowing the toy to gently suck my clitoris. I had it on the lowest setting, as anything higher would send me over the edge before I could do what I really craved.

Trapping the toy between my legs, reached for the glass dildo, positioned it on the floor behind me and snapped a couple of shots more before lubing it up and pushing the tip of it against my asshole. All the while the Womanizer gently sucked my clit. My nipples were hard and feeling needy, but today I craved that deep orgasm that always came from a combination of clitoral and anal stimulation. Taking pictures, the glass dildo slowly disappeared into my hole.

Soon I forgot about the camera behind me, and turned on the video function on my phone. I rested my phone against the wall, seeing myself, while I gently rolled my hips, allowing the dildo to almost slip out before pushing it back in. God, it was so sexy seeing this happening on the screen. So sexy that to prevent myself from climaxing too soon — I wanted some more photos — I removed the sucking toy, now only enjoying the welcome intrusion.

More pictures followed, but soon the need to climax was just too high to care about the pictures anymore. Or the video. I only concentrated on my body, allowing the dido to fuck me while the toy sucked me. Leaning against the wall, I closed my eyes and concentrated on all the sensations, until my orgasm almost took my breath away.

Like always, once I came down from the high of the orgasm, I felt a but shy for indulging in my own needs, and quickly tidied everything up, cleaned the toys and went back downstairs with a blush on my face, knowing I just had my third orgasm of 2020.

It seems my photo studio is now also doubling as a masturbation studio, a dedicated space for all kinds of pleasures.

The joys of my toys…

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9 thoughts on “Masturbation Studio

  1. Kind of envious that you now have a masturbation studio 🙂 Maybe it is a good thing to have that kind of space. I imagine I would feel like being on display seeing that it is an actual photo studio. Nevertheless very sexy…

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