I think freckles, stretch marks, tattoos, bruises, birth marks, and scars are the coolest thing ever. You started with almost a blank canvas. Look at you now. All this evidence that you’ve lived.
~ Unknown

My body definitely is evidence that I have lived. Two pregnancies, and some periods of overweight, have left their marks on me. I have stretch marks on my tummy, on my legs, and even some on my breasts. I have a scar (just visible on this image) that runs from one side to the other after I had a tummy tuck, and I have four tattoos – one on each leg, one on my left breast and one on my back. Yes, I have used my body as a canvas, and life has done the same, and I am proud of every inch of it, because this is who I am. Each tattoo I have means something to me, like the one shown here, which still is and always will be the symbol of my love, submission and commitment to Master T.

My curvy body, showing some of the marks life has left on it…

© Rebel’s Notes

2 thoughts on “Markings

  1. I love your tattoo. It makes the BDSM symbol look so pretty with the flowers and the colour and the black/darkened bits which suggests shadow, I guess? It makes your tattoo look like more than just an image. And the meaning behind it is kind of like… the dream? That probably makes no sense but I am looking at it, knowing what it means and I hope I get to have one with such meaning someday!

  2. I happen to like the different marks on my sub’s body, I’ve looked at them for over 20 years. She is in her early 60’s & I’m in my late 60’s. All of the marks just tell me of her experiences before we met & what has transpired since we met.

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