London Love

By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.
~ Samuel Johnson

Two weeks ago I shared the love I have for Rotterdam, the city I love with all my heart. But, where Rotterdam will always be my number 1 city, London comes in as a very very close second. There’s just something about the city that either makes you fall completely in love with it, or probably hate it. In my opinion, there just is no middle ground.

The first time I ever traveled to London was together with my mom and our youngest daughter. We were there for a week, and just like tourist do, we went to the London Eye, the London Bridge, the Big Ben, Westminster Abby, Buckingham Palace, and Piccadilly Circus. We even went to Abbey Road, because our daughter wanted to see that, and cross the road just like so many other tourists do. Months later, Master T and I traveled to London together for the first time, to attend Eroticon 2013. Unfortunately, because Eroticon was moved to Bristol, we didn’t get back to London until Eroticon 2018, and it was brilliant being back. For as long as we can, we will travel to London for Eroticon every year, but in 2019 I started traveling to this gorgeous city more. Four times I got on a bus, then a ferry and spent an entire day in London, drinking in the city and having fun with people I consider to be dear friends.

I am planning to make the same trip again several times this year, and probably in the next years too, because I don’t think it will ever bore me to go to London. The vibrancy of the city – even when it’s extremely wet or extremely hot – creeps into my being, invades my soul. It’s like a forbidden passion, one I want to enjoy over and over because it makes me feel so damn good, almost like hovering on the edge of an orgasm. Yes, London always makes me think of freedom and sex, because it’s a city where I can be who I am, not pretenses, hiding nothing, but giving all of me.

London, my second favorite city in the world, and a place where I always feel sexy and loved for who I am.

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8 thoughts on “London Love

  1. Lovely image with the double exposure and the love you have for London comes across. I find it exciting but also really busy. I like doing with HL as it is his ‘patch’ so it feels different to experience it with him rather than as a tourist somehow. ?

  2. I lived in London as a student and loved it. Now, I love to visit but am happy when I leave the hustle and bustle behind and head home. Looking forward to seeing you in London next month.

  3. I’ve never been to Rotterdam or London, and most likely never will,, but your photo, nude in heels, standing at the window, got to me; love it!

  4. Awesome edited photo!
    I love London. Camden Market, Covent Garden were some of my favorite places. I would go back in a heartbeat. Hell London is a heartbeat, the energy it has. Funny though when someone says London they think that’s England. Like Chicago is the only place in Illinois. LOL. I know there is more to England. I was lucky to have traveled to other places and loved all of it. Maybe someday I will go back and we can meet for cuppa.
    Enjoy yourself and have lots of fun.

  5. London is a great place to visit as a tourist but I can’t spend more than a few days there at a time. I prefer a more rural setting myself. But it’s fun to go for Eroticon ?

  6. I love London. Traveled there 15 years ago with my late husband. He hated it and made it somewhat miserable. Rex and I are going back in August!!!! I cant wait! And Paris…the city of love! So excited.

    1. You have to let me know when you will be in London, as I am planning a trip there too in August 🙂 xox

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