#LCHF 20: Finally!

Continued from… LCHF #19: It’s been two year since my last confession…

I am not planning to document my entire journey the way I did below, but I wanted to share how I do the LCHF lifestyle. This might not be the way others do it, but this definitely works for me. I am watching my intake strictly during the week, and then on Saturdays I allow myself something nice. Even then, I am also making conscious choices. On Sundays I am not as strict as on week days, especially if we have a lunch or dinner date.

Week 3-2020

This week started out with my mood being very bad. I was down, there were tears, insecurities, doubt — all things that would make me eat something sweet only to feel better. I didn’t. My bad mood lasted two days, and when on Wednesday I had to hit the ground running because I had so much to do and so many places to be, I made sure to get my three meals in. Lunch was only a handful of cheese cubes, but at least I ate. Thursday was yet another good day, and I started wondering if by the weekend my body might be in ketosis because of all the perfect low carb days I have had.

However, on Friday, my down mood was back and when the ladies at work ordered snacks, I ordered something too. It didn’t mess with my micro-nutrients, but my calories for this day came out a bit high. I should really stop ordering those snacks and just keep to my own food! On Saturday we had lunch out with a friend, and even though on Saturdays I allow myself something nice, I asked the waiter to keep the fries, and give me some extra veggies, which they did. I did have some wine with my lunch, and also coffee. And in the evening I had some wine again. Sunday was a busy day, filled with chores and a photo shoot, and I even managed to get an wank in before dinner in the evening!

Day Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Mon 1021 35g 13% 74g 65% 55g 22%
Tue 1025 19g 7% 81g 71% 54g 22%
Wed 1117 19g 7% 86g 69% 70g 24%
Thu 1077 18g 7% 83g 69% 65g 24%
Fri 1418 27g 8% 109g 69% 84g 23%
Sat 1454 104g 46% 31g 31% 51g 23%
Sun 1044 21g 8% 76g 65% 72g 27%

Week 4-2020

This is what I looked like when I just started this journey again… in a couple of weeks I want to take similar images to compare.

Monday and Tuesday at work I found myself having a craving halfway through the morning, and on both days I ate a low-carb meaty snack. Something else I noticed is that on both days I had a terrible headache, despite drinking enough. I wondered if this was a sign that my body was finally kicking off sugar, which is what tends to happen when you are doing a low carb diet. I didn’t think about it too much, and where I again had a headache on Wednesday, it then disappeared and didn’t return. I worked a full day on Wednesday, and again on Thursday, and then on Friday had a spa day with my friend.

On Thursday evening I first went for a Brazilian, and when I came home, it took me almost an hour to eat 125 grams of fish. I felt a bit nauseous and had a strange feeling on my tummy. On Friday, at the spa, we started our day the same as we always do: with coffee and cake. We ordered cheesecake, something I LOVE, and once again it took me long to eat. The same happened with lunch, and when I came home for dinner, I told Master T that he shouldn’t bother, as my tummy wasn’t well. He had already prepared some chicken, which I ate and later in the evening I had some cottage cheese.

On Saturday my tummy seemed better. I had breakfast, a very small lunch and then we set off for a dinner date with friends. I avoided the potatoes, and only ate veal and tuna, which was delicious. During dinner I had a glass of wine, and back home another, but it took me almost three hours to empty my glass. My tummy was still not happy.

It was only on Sunday that I finally could eat properly again, even though I still had a strange feeling on my tummy.

Oh and, when I got on the scale on Saturday morning, it showed that I had lost 4 kilograms since I started this new regime, and I have lost 2cm around my waist!

Day Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Mon 1198 29g 10% 85g 64% 76g 26%
Tue 1313 27g 8% 107g 74% 57g 18%
Wed 1248 32g 10% 103g 74% 50g 16%
Thu 1013 27g 11% 61g 54% 88g 35%
Fri 1310 46g 9% 178g 77% 76g 14%
Sat 1601 57g 18% 79g 54% 92g 28%
Sun 955 28g 12% 62g 59% 70g 29%

Week 5-2020

Looking back on this week, it was a perfect one (food-wise, not mood-wise), from Monday to Friday. Every day my numbers were perfect, and on Friday evening I decided to give myself a treat, and had two glasses of wine. During the week there were moments when I felt a bit of hunger, but those were solved by eating three or four cubes of cheese, or a handful of nuts. Or sometimes only a cup of tea.

I still don’t drink enough water, but I think that has something to do with the weather outside. I tend to easily drink 1.5 to 2 liters water on a spring or summer’s day, but during autumn and winter not so much. At this moment, besides the 8-12 cups of rooibos tea I drink every day, I only drink about half a liter of water. I don’t worry about this too much, as I do drink more than enough.

I went on the scale on Thursday morning and was pleased to see that I have again lost some weight. From my previous experience on this diet, I know that eventually you don’t lose that much per week, but you gradually lose the weight, as long as you keep to the diet. It has taken a long time to gain all that weight, so one shouldn’t expect to lose all of it within weeks. You have to be in this for the long run. I was down 0.4kg from the previous weighing moment, and knew that I might be able to add another 0.2kg on Saturday, which is my official weighing day.

Saturday morning I went on the scale again. And again. And again, again, again. I must have gotten on it like ten times because I didn’t believe it. Then the scale showed ‘LO’ telling me it needed a new battery. I thought that was the reason for the number I had seen, but I was wrong, because when I got back on, it showed me the same number. I was down another 0.7kg bringing my total weight loss since I started this journey again to 5.1kg. And, around my waist I have now lost 3cm. It seems I am on the right path! Finally!

Day Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Mon 1098 23g 8% 77g 64% 77g 28%
Tue 1005 15g 6% 69g 62% 79g 32%
Wed 1000 22g 9% 73g 67% 59g 24%
Thu 1044 20g 8% 80g 71% 55g 21%
Fri 1490 30g 10% 91g 69% 63g 21%
Sat 1109 71g 32% 53g 53% 35g 15%
Sun 952 14g 7% 64g 72% 42g 21%


I haven’t recorded all the food I ate during these three weeks (above I mean; in my app I record everything) but if you want to know what I have eaten or just how to get started with this, please let me know. I am in no way an expert, but I can tell you more from my own experience.

To be continued… #LCHF 21: Two months in

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5 thoughts on “#LCHF 20: Finally!

  1. I can’t manage no carbs. It effected my mood too much when I tried it but low carbs and cutting out gluten seems to have worked well for me, mostly because I am much more comfortable. I don’t feel bloated and my back ache has gone


  2. It is always when we are faced with life problems or stuff that messes with our emotions that the way we eat – or want to eat -is tested. So well done to u – and I look forward to reading your journey xx

  3. This is so great, Marie!
    I have found that including exercise with your diet also helps the weight to come off a little more a week. Like walking, yoga or cardio, with a little strengthening, at the gym. Like Brigit says, we are all different in what works or us. Can’t wait to see your updated pics! xx

  4. I can manage ketosis pretty easily, but have found that I need more good carbs in my diet than my Husband does. We are all different, I suppose. Low carb is a healthier, happier way for us. And I lose weight the fewer carbs I take in. I’m down 5 in two weeks. My main problem is boredom with my food choices.

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