Claim me

Look at my bottom… my smooth flesh… the rounding of my buttocks… your unmarked target.

Run your hand softly over my hip… your fingers over that sensitive place between buttock and leg.

Squeeze my bottom… softly.

Run both your hands from my outer thighs to my hips.

Grab my hips… press the rough fabric covering your crotch against my backside.

Thrust… show me your lust.

Leave me wet and moaning… longing for your hands on me, your cock pressing against me, wanting me.

Make me want you.

I want you.

Spank me.



Right. Left. Right.

Gently touch the red prints of your fingers.

Left. Right. Left.

Push your hand between my legs… feel my lust… my need… my cunt.

Fuel my need with the sting of your hand… right, right, right, left, left, right, left, left, left… a soft hand soothes the burn as my lust leaks between my legs. Left, left, left, right, right, left, left, left, left, left… the rhythm is lost on me as my mind lets go of all that burdens me and…

I am.

I am. We are.

My mind floats.

Your hand spanks.

My flesh glows.

No pain.

Only bliss.

Dig your fingers into the flesh of my hips… painfully… bring me back to this world… shove your cock in my cunt… fuck me… claim me…

Make me yours.


My bottom needs a hand print… or two…

© Rebel’s Notes

19 thoughts on “Claim me

  1. A day later this comes to my mind (a kind of poetry slam 😉 ):
    Claiming her

    I like to look at her bottom… her smooth flesh… the rounding of her buttocks… not yet marked

    I run my hand softly over her hip… my fingers touch her sensitive places between buttock and leg.

    I start squeezing her bottom… still softly.

    Run both my hands from her outer thighs to her hips.

    Grabbing her hips… pressing the rough fabric covering my hardening crotch against her backside.

    Thrust… she must feel my lust.

    My pants are tightening around my dick… thinking on sliding my cock in her cunt …hard.

    She makes me wanting her.

    I want her…now.

    But first a warming up spanking.



    Right. Left. Right.

    I slide my fingers over her cunt.

    Left. Right. Left.

    Push my hand between her legs… I feel the wetness … her needs… my manhood.

    my hands are getting more red from hitting… right, right, right, left, left, right, left, left, left… my warm hands caresses her red buttocks and I feel her wetness on my thigh . Left, left, left, right, right, left, left, left, left, left… the slamming rhythm is hypnotizing her and I notice that she lets herself go…

    I hold her.

    I support her.

    I stop my spanking.

    I rub my dick on her soft, red, glowing flesh.

    My dick throbs.


    I grab her firmly by her hips… inflict pain… bringing her back to this world… shove my cock in her cunt… fucking her deep… claim her…

    She relieved me.

    Peace and quiet comes back.

  2. Jeez…. That is so hot. Beautifully formed words and a beautifully formed arse.

    1. This made me smile, because when I read a certain post of you today, this post of mine crossed my mind 😉 xox

    1. Yes, she does look amazing. It makes me want to gently rub those globes before turning them a bright red.

  3. Oh Marie, your writing is so fucking hotttt… and that picture of you incredibly sexy while also being so beautiful photographically! What a wonderful post!

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