The lack of imagination or invention most people display in naming pussies is almost beyond credence.
~ Carl Van Vechten

We have a cat.

We don’t have a cat.

We call it our part-time cat, this animal that entered our lives about four years ago. At first it only seemed to come for little treats, but before long he wandered into the house and found a place to sleep. It became a habit, sleeping inside, especially on cold or wet days, as on summer days he prefers to be outside. In summer it’s so much easier for him to just wander in, as we leave the back door open, but any other time of the year he jumps on the window sill, waits for you to look at him and then meows, asking to be let inside. First he wants attention, to be stroked and scratched behind his ear, and he loves rubbing his face in Master T’s beard. Next, he wants food, and if I am home, he always comes and asks me, rubbing his entire body against my legs, and the moment I get up, he runs to the kitchen. Once eaten, he disappears upstairs. If our daughter is home, he goes to her bedroom, sleeping on her bed, and otherwise he sleeps on the attic landing. When that gets too hard, he moves himself downstairs to the couch, sleeping on the pillow I normally have behind my back. Seriously, when I am sitting on the couch and he wants to sleep, he will first look at me, then at the pillow, and then back at me. When I move, he instantly gets up on the couch and settle on the pillow.

When this cat just started coming here, we simply called it ‘puss’, because our son in law checked and said it was a girl. But, only some weeks later we realized he was wrong, and that the she was actually a he. That’s when we started calling the cat ‘Pusscat’, and the name stuck. Even our grandchildren talks about ‘Pusscat’! Sometimes a name just fits, and even if you try to find a different one, nothing sounds right. That’s more or less how I feel about my pseudonym. The moment I put ‘Marie’ and ‘Rebelle’ together, no matter what other first name or combination I tried, nothing sounded right. It’s funny, my chosen name is ‘Marie Rebelle’ and I always sign comments with ‘Rebel’, and then I see people referring to me as ‘Marie Rebel’ forgetting the ‘le’ in my chosen surname. Sometimes I wonder if I should say something, but I always just let it go.

Below are two images merged together, and I love how the ears of ‘Pusscat’ seem to hug my head. This image of mine, is the same as has been used for my Eroticon 2020 speaker page, and this is the very first time I (more or less) fully show my face on my site. I don’t promise that this will happen more, but after ten years, I almost feel like I am done hiding. Let’s see how this develops…

A ‘Puss’ and a ‘former Puss’…

© Rebel’s Notes

7 thoughts on “Pussies

  1. I love this image! Names are funny things. I almost feel like we should all have a chance to find our names later in life rather than at birth. I’ve so often wanted to rename my pets as they’ve grown and I’ve learned their true personalities. And my pen name fits me so much more than my real name. I love the one you have chosen for yourself

    1. Thanks, Brigit, I definitely like your chosen name too! Funny, we don’t know each others real names, and I think if we do, it will feel awkward to think of each other as anyone else than Brigit and Marie!

  2. Cats are interesting characters. I had a cat adopt me some years ago. We lived near an animal hospital and people would just drop off animals they no longer wanted or could handle. Sammy was one of those animals. The neighbor kids had named her before realizing she was a she and the name just stuck. When I was going through my divorce Sammy really saved me. She was truly me in cat form.

  3. I so enjoyed reading this Marie. To learn of the origin of your name and that of Pusscat was delightful. As delightful as the lovely photo of you together. When I was a teenager a cat adopted my family. It turned out he had an owner down the road, but he preferred us. He stayed with my mum for the rest of his life, long after my sister and I had left home. We called him Puss.

    1. ‘Rebel’ was actually my chat name back in the days of online chatrooms, and MSN Messenger. I always thought of myself as a rebel, because I did things differently than my peers, but I was never really rebellious. Since I signed off as ‘Rebel’ long before I chose my pseudonym, I wanted something to fit that, which turned in the surname ‘Rebelle’ 🙂 xox

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