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In December 2018 the prompt for Sinful Sunday was ‘bokeh‘. I still remember the day I went up to our bedroom (that was before my photo studio) and took photo after photo trying to get the bokeh effect, but to no avail. I decided to just edit the images and add bokeh, but my editing skills are still in development, and back then they were much worse than they are now. So, a couple of days later I was back in the bedroom to try again. By then I had read many different articles about just how to get the bokeh effect, and I was determined to get at least one image with bokeh on it. I succeeded, and the image below was the one I chose from the series to share for Sinful Sunday.

Image of my backside, with a bokeh effect in the background
I love how the lines of my body are accentuated by the autumn light pouring in from outside.

Searching through my images, my eye fell on this one and I wondered what it would look like if I gave it a totally different feel. At first all I wanted to do was to change the original image into black and white, but I ended up editing several things in Lightroom, such as contrast and temperature and shadows and highlights… and then also added black and white. I love that the bokeh effect is not entirely lost in the new edit.

Below is the result of said editing, and to be honest, I actually like this new one better than the original. How about you?

My body looks soft in the brightness of the light, and I love that the marks on my bottom is not entirely hidden in this new edit.

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4 thoughts on “Bright ‘n Light

  1. I really love these kind of images, I have a real thing for the small of someone’s back, the beautiful lines and the way the light plays upon the skin. Your photo is beautiful, really love this, Marie x

  2. Wow. I think this is the most capturing and beautiful image I’ve seen today. The autumn light, as you say accentuates your body lines absolutely beautifully

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