Captured attention

Once again we have been set the challenge to write a story using some big sexy words. The words for February are:

  • Tempest – a violent storm – noun
  • Engorged – swollen, as if filled with fluid – adjective
  • Covet – a strong or obsessive desire to acquire or possess something – verb
  • Suffuse – to spread or permeate – verb
  • Paramour – a lover, particularily of an extramarital relationship – noun
  • Dewy – characteristic of dew; freshly dampened – adjective
  • Pliant – pliable or impressionable – adjective
  • Fervor – intense or passionate feeling – noun
  • Seraph – an angelic creature of the highest order – noun

Again I give you a story of exactly 100 words, using all of the words.

Her arms spread wide, her head tilted backwards, Emily’s seraph-like stature captured the attention of her paramour. His eyes took everything in as he slowly circled her: the black blindfold pouring her world into darkness, her erect nipples decorating her teardrop-breasts, the soft roundness of her gentle tummy, and the engorged lips at her warm center. It’s covered in her dewy wetness — fluid evidence of the earlier tempest that raged through her. Her body pliant, a fervor to covet her made him reach out and suffused his warmth through her core, until Emily’s raw, unearthly cry announced another intense climax.

Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

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4 thoughts on “Captured attention

  1. Such a great piece and SO IMPRESSIVE that you used all 9 in under 100 words again. Of course, you’re free to do any format, but i *love* this one – all the words AND micro smut! Fantastic!

  2. Another excellent job with the BSW! I have been so busy with February photofest, I’ve barely posted anything else…I’m feeling a little guilty, but I might be able to swing a very short tale like this…nice job, Marie!

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