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We are well into 2020 now, and almost all of us have made some or other kind of planning for this year, and have shared it on our blogs. Whether you have a planning or not, how do you manage your time, and make sure you keep enough time for yourself and not drown in your goals?

The above is the prompt I added for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, and I almost snorted when I re-read it.

How do you make sure you keep enough time for yourself?

Yes, that’s the part that made me snort. Almost. Because yes, how do I make sure I keep enough time for myself? There are people who think I don’t…

Making time

When I need time for myself, I make and take time for myself. This sounds easy, but I wouldn’t be able to do this, if I didn’t plan my week the way I currently do. It started sometime last year, and to be honest, I wasn’t even aware that I was doing it, as it is kind of a natural thing with me. This year, however, my planning is much more a conscious thing than something that ‘just happens’. Because of this planning (my Passion Planner is my friend), there are more than enough space for me to say: no more, I am taking today or this afternoon off.

How do I plan?

It seems this year I have turned into a real planner. In 2019 my planning didn’t go further than adding dates for lunches and dinners in our diary, and taking those afternoons/evenings off. This year, or rather, last year in December, I sat down for two whole days with my new 2020 Passion Planner (next year it will be a Circle Planner!) and I planned out my entire year.

In my monthly planning I put the memes I absolutely want to participate in every week (Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday and Sinful Sunday) as well as my Saturday #SoSS post, and I added the dates of the Smut Marathon. Those were and are the most important things of my week, and it’s the minimum of posts I want on my blog every week. Everything else is a bonus.

And there is a bonus every week, as I never keep it to only those four posts.

But, my planning went deeper than only that. For years now, I have used an Excel file to record all the posts that appeared on my three blogs: Rebel’s Notes, Wicked Wednesday and Smut Marathon. This is a way for me to see all posts I had written and still have to write in one place. Each blog has it’s own color code, making it easy for me to see what I have to work on, which post is up next.

Now you would think the Excel file is more than enough, right?

But no, it’s not.

It’s not because all I see in the Excel file is a recording of the posts I have to do, not the time I take to write them. My Passion Planner helps me to see what time I have, and helps me to guard the time I need for myself.

For instance, if you take the coming week…

I have a date with my best friend on Friday, as we have a spa day planned (the date was set back in November 2019). To avoid taking up free hours for this, I have swapped my free Wednesday with my working-day-Friday, which means I will work all day on Wednesday. But. Wednesday is also my day of writing and reading and tweeting Wicked Wednesday posts of those who have linked. Since I now have to work, it means I have to make sure all posts (like this one) that has to go online this coming week, are written before the working part of the week start on Monday, which means the posts have to be written during the weekend (it’s Saturday evening, 18 January as I am writing this), and the evenings of the week will be spent reading and tweeting Wicked Wednesday posts.

If I don’t think ahead like this, plan like this, I will never be able to be as productive as I am.

And, nowadays my Passion Planner goes to work with me, and I plan my working day in the same way I do my blog. I have color codes in my planner too — green for blog work, red for appointments, blue for home life and red for appointments.

My desk

Speaking of my planner, I have bought myself a book stand on which I can put my planner, and keep an eye on the things I have planned to do I the evening. I make sure I don’t plan more than I can do. Especially on Tuesday evenings the only thing I have in green is ‘Wicked Wed’ which means I have to read the posts that have been linked for Wicked Wednesday up to then, and schedule the tweets.

Once I have done the things I have listed, I tick them off in the planner, check the time, and if it’s not 8.30pm yet (my cut off time for being at my desk), I do something extra, something that’s plan for one of the days during the rest of the week. So I work ahead.
This really works for me, but I have to be honest, was it not for my desk in the middle of the room, I would never have made the long hours I do.

And, another truth: there are evenings where I am just too tired to concentrate, and then, no matter what’s on the planning, I shut my laptop and move myself to the couch, and mostly go to bed.I know I will then have to work harder the next evening, but sometimes I just need the time for myself.

Always ”me-time’

Seriously, no matter how hard I work, and no matter how high my output for the blog, I always have enough me-time. I know some people worry about me, but there is really no reason to worry, because I balance my needs the way that is good for me. My blog, my writing, facilitating others to write by means of the Smut Marathon and Wicked Wednesday… those are things that GIVE me energy, and without them, well, I will wither away.

I just can’t be without my writing… it feeds my soul!

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay
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9 thoughts on “Writing feeds my soul

  1. I always wondered how you did it, and admired while I wondered. Thank you for everything you do. The Smut Marathon is what brings me back to writing after my mental health breaks. I also thank you for this prompt. Reading everyone’s time management ways has definitely helped give me ideas for my own time management.

  2. Planning only works if it works for the person doing it… and clearly this works for you! I am happy to see that you also plan for yourself- obviously, you know how important that is! Thanks for sharing with us a bit of your process!

  3. I have always marveled at your ability to always be present, but I see (and admire) how you do it. Thank you for sharing this process. You definitely manage to get a lot done while still having time for yourself which is impressive

  4. I am improving my own planning this year with a planner but not to this degree. I stand in awe.

    I totally understand the idea that writing feeds your soul, I find it does the same for me.

    Sweetgirl x

  5. I have always been amazed by your postings . . . and always, always visit for inspiration and motivation. (Even though I know I could never be as organised!!!)
    And so glad that you still make time for me-time. That is so important for all of us.
    Wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  6. Wow. I must admit I am feeling a bit in awe. I am so pleased that this level of planning is working for you and that you have found a way which suits you. I can’t imagine you ever withering so here’s to more passion planning in the weeks and moths to come. This was a really interesting post ?

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