Rainbow Pins

Clothing pins. Clothespins.

I have written about these before, and how we always had clothespins in our bedroom, ready for use. In the end, they have been used more by me in solo play than that we used them in any of our sessions. And obviously, in the past years they haven’t been used at all.

When this prompt popped into my inbox, I wondered whether I should write about clothespins again. I mean, I barely ever use them now, as whenever I masturbate, I have one thing in mind: a quick and effective orgasm. I don’t indulge in extensive play at all. To write about something I am not using, and not considering a particular kink of mine, seemed a meaningless exercise.

Until I emptied the drawer under my bed, where I kept all my photo props, and put those in black bags to take up to my photo studio and sort and catalog them. That’s when I discovered the beautifully colored plastic clothespins I had bought in a moment of impulsiveness. Suddenly, I had this urge to use them. If not during play, then for images. Or maybe even both, as many of my photo sessions end in a masturbation session.

So up I went to the photo studio, camera bag with me, and after locating the clothespins in one of the two big black bags of photo props, I set up the camera, connected it with my phone and got naked. I decided to concentrate on taking images of the clothespins on my body, and not think about masturbation. But, that was not the only thing I concentrated on. I noticed the slight pressure when I put the pins on my skin. It didn’t hurt, not even when they were on there for quite some time while I was snapping pictures, just not able to get in a position where I was happy with the images.

Rainbow colors pinching my skin.

It was only when I removed the first pin that I felt pain. A delicious sting traveled through my skin, and immediately I wanted more. I was a aware of each pin as I slowly released it, savoring the bit of pain, and was almost disappointed when I removed the last colorful pin. The thought of masturbating was far from my mind, as it seems that little bit of self-administered pain has fed something inside me. But just not enough which is why I clipped two pins on my labia, and snapped some more pictures.

Removal of these last two pins didn’t give the same sting as I felt on my breasts. Disappointed, I snapped a couple of other pictures (in preparation for February Photofest). As I sat looking at the images on my laptop screen later, I realized why the clothing pins didn’t give me the satisfaction I thought it would: it was all about the images, not the pins! Next time it will be about the pins, not the images, and I’m sure there will be some kind of delicious combination of pain, pictures and pleasure!

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One thought on “Rainbow Pins

  1. Oh, I really like that it’s almost as if you re-discovered the feeling of them in some kind of very pure way? Like, you were just taking pictures and they didn’t hurt at all but then when you took them off, suddenly it did something for you again. I hope you’ll get to have some fun/pleasure with them in the future!

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