No Consent: First threesome

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

First threesome
5 March 1994

Continued from… Awkward moments

That first time that Annie ever had sex with a woman, was also the first time Fred fucked her in the presence of his wife. It was the beginning of a sex routine, which Annie in the coming months would learn to detest.

It started when the fire for the barbecue was lit early in the evening. Annie felt a bit guilty, as Fran was the only one running to fill the glasses or to get whatever Fred needed from the kitchen. When she offered her help, Fred brusquely said that Fran could handle it all by herself. He never asked Fran for anything, but barked out his commands. As curt as he was to Fran, just as lovingly he was towards Annie. She definitely noticed his chagrin towards Fran, but was too much in love to really care about it.

In turn, Fran was waiting for a sign from Fred. Soon Annie would learn that Fred was the one who always decided when the time was ripe for them to start their playing. Of course they also had to wait until the kids were in bed. Once she saw Fred’s sign, Fran pulled Annie out of her chair and led her to the master bedroom. There she ran the bath in the adjacent bathroom. The two women got in the nice warm bath together. Very carefully, they removed all their pubic hair. This was a requirement of Fred. Fran laughed and proudly told Annie how Fred made it her task to convince the women who visited to shave.
“What a relief,” she laughed, shamelessly looking at Annie, “I don’t have to convince you to shave.”

Annie was quiet, she had no idea what to say or expect in this unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation. She just let it happen. Resigned to it. She didn’t recognize it as such, but once again that old familiar feeling took possession of her: just let it happen, I am not part of it, only my body is.

After their bath, the naked women went to the bedroom, and Fred went to the bathroom. The connecting door stayed open. Fran asked Annie to lie down on the bed. Annie could not see him, but she knew Fred could hear everything that happened in the bedroom. Annie was on the bed on her stomach while Fran applied a good-smelling pink lotion and massaged Annie’s back. With this treatment, Annie started to relax, but once Fred came into the bedroom and lay down on the bed in his underpants, Annie tensed up again.

“Turn over,” Fran requested.
Annie did as she was asked. Fran put lotion on her breasts and belly and softly ran her hands over Annie’s naked flesh. Annie’s nipples hardened. Fran kissed Annie on her left cheek, then on the right. Her mouth moved to Annie’s neck, her shoulders and her breasts. She sucked lightly on Annie’s nipples and then kissed her stomach. Slowly and lightly kissing as she moved down, she positioned herself between Annie’s legs. Next to the women, Fred watched them, even though his full attention seemed to be directed at the television. He stroke himself through his underpants. Annie didn’t move.

There was no doubt in Annie’s mind that Fran was experienced in making love to a woman. She sucked Annie’s clitoris in a heavenly way. Fran quickly switched position. Her pussy was right in front of Annie’s face and her tongue was still working its magic with Annie’s most sensitive spot. Even though she was inexperienced, Annie knew that the pussy in front of her needed some attention. She turned on her side, which made her end up with her back towards Fred. This helped her to forget about his presence. Concentrating on what Fran’s mouth was doing to her, she tried to copy it. From the sound Fran made she understood that she was doing it right. Fran’s moans also helped to heighten Annie’s own excitement. She was growing with quantum leaps, licking deeper; enjoying the taste of another woman.

It startled Annie when Fred moved behind her. Fran’s hands guided Fred between Annie’s wet lips, and Annie sighed when he entered her. Fran simultaneously licked Annie’s pussy and Fred’s dick and balls. Annie had never experienced anything like this before. Notwithstanding the unfamiliar situation, notwithstanding her resignation — Annie loved this new feeling. Still, she didn’t reach an orgasm, but faked it.

At the end of their sex game, Fran and Annie took another bath. After their bath, Fran took a washing cloth and cleaned Fred’s penis. Fran knew exactly what he wanted, how he wanted it and when he wanted it. Even though, during that first evening, Annie thought that Fran was the leader in the game, she very quickly realized that everything happened exactly the way Fred had dictated it.

* * * * *

Annie was told to sleep with Fred in the bed in the master bedroom. At first, she didn’t want to take Fran’s place, but she quickly agreed when Fred seemed to get angry with her. Later, with his arms around her, she was happy to be alone with him.

But only for a moment…

“It didn’t go that well tonight,” Fred said, “but I know this was your first time. You will learn.”
Annie said nothing. She thought everything was perfect, even though she was new to it.
“Next time,” Fred continued, “you shouldn’t just lie there when Fran licks your pussy. Stroke her hair. Show her that you enjoy it. Don’t only think about yourself and your own pleasure, but also think about Fran. She shouldn’t do all the work. She wants to enjoy it too.”

Annie fell asleep feeling like a failure.

Fred fell asleep knowing that he would bend this woman to his will.

To be continued… Hasty decision

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